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Avoiding Spending Too Much Money on Network Marketing Tools
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    There are many different ways to go about social bookmarking, but it's important that you understand some of the best practices so you can succeed The majority of individuals really go about social bookmarking in the wrong way, and then they wonder why they fail to see results Many different types of groups as well as marketing utilize social networking.

    Social network marketing is very much becoming a popular type of marketing for many businesses. Many organizations and even small businesses have been able to greatly benefit from social network marketing. Knowing which social networking websites would be more beneficial to your business aids greatly when social network marketing. Simply just replicate EXACTLY what these fan pages were doing what is the most popular social networking website which could possibly aid your business.
    As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are probably trying to figure out how to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to actually grow your business Sure, Facebook is great for sharing baby pictures, and Twitter is great for sending 140-character thoughts into the great unknown, but can these social media tools really be used for something productive like finding new leads and customers
Marketing TacticsFacebook Marketing Tactics
    Are you the fan of Lady Gaga of Taylor Swift If yes, you should have visited the fan page of them  Dear Marketing friend, The web is changing. But this will help you keep ahead of the game. No doubt you've noticed that the big players in marketing are now embedding their entire web site into their Facebook fanpage.

    This is because they recognise that for some people the internet is "Facebook". Look at TV advertising and see how many no longer carry their web address but instead have the link to their facebook page. And with all the rumours that Facebook could be planning to enter the search engine market - you can bet its going to pay to have as much of a presence on Facebook as possible.

    But up until now embedding pages and sites in Facebook has been a pain in the backside and many companies have cashed in offering services and hosted solutions to help with this. But those solutions are all flawed...
    Here's why;

    Many people confuse tags with keywords and it is no surprise as it can be quite confusing.

    Lesson # 1: A tag is NOT a keyword ... A tag is a categorization system used to organize information within a network (or blog).

    Lesson # 2: Do not attempt to stuff keywords into tags or you'll shoot yourself in the foot. Tags should be no more than 3 words in length... It is actually better to have 1 word tags as most networks categorize 95% of their content under 1 word tags.


    Let's say that you have a new article you want to promote though Synnd...

    That article is about "Labrador Retriever clicker training"

    This is also the key term you would like to "rank for" in the search engines. To rank for this term be sure to include it in your META title and META description and also mention the term naturally throughout the body of your content. You may include this term as a tag on your own blog which can be beneficial but don't force it on the social networks.

    When it comes time to add the campaign to Synnd you DO NOT want to enter this key term as a tag... Remember... Keywords are NOT tags and tags ARE NOT keywords.

    So how should I tag this?

    You want to include 1 word tags (ideally) that contain "trigger" terms that would pull up your content if someone were to "search" for it within the social networks.

    For example...

    I want my "Labrador Retriever clicker training" article to appear whenever someone searches for the following terms:

    dog, clicker, training, labrador, retriever, lab

    Some people may search your term exactly "Labrador Retriever clicker training"

    Most will enter variations of the term like:

    lab, labrador training, how to train a labrador with a clicker, etc.

    If you enter 1 word triggers then your content will come up no matter what they query. So if you want your content to come up no matter what then enter tags like:

    dog, clicker, training, labrador, retriever, lab, train, dog training, clicker training, etc.

    The solution starts with syndication. Synnd will show you how

    DO NOT try to stuff your keywords in the tag field or you will have problems not only with Synnd quality control but in the networks as well...

    They actively watch for people trying to stuff keywords in tags and they do consider it to be spam. They consider it spam because tags are a way to categorize content so it can be found easily within their network. Tags are not a way to gain a boost in the search engines by stuffing keywords.

    Feel free to use keyword driven tags on your own blog but don't do it in the social networks and don't do it in Synnd.

    Content syndication may very well bring traffic flowing back to your site in massive waves but how do your landing content syndication pages receive that traffic?  Even if you think that you have a strong sales message and a great opening hook, you need to question whether or not you’re really reducing the friction and anxiety of your prospects when they hit your landing page. 

    Content syndication can bring the rain but it’s up to you to make sure the crops grow.

    This article takes a look at the importance of Onsite SEO Optimization and how the search engines are changing It’s no longer just META tags
    Improve Rankings through Inbound Links search engine experts agree that the rankings of your web site is 10% due to on-site optimization and 90% dependant on the quality and quantity of links back to your site.

    Each inbound link is considered a "vote" for your site, and the importance of each vote is determined by a number of factors including publisher PageRank, content relevance, and anchor text. PostLinks is designed to give you the highest quality links at the lowest cost possible.

    Advertisers and Publishers Combine Platforms to Grow Link Popularity and Quality Content
    * High PageRank Publishers - PostLinks only accepts Publishers who are indexed in Google and have a PageRank of 1+.

    * Relevant Content, Packed with Keywords - Categories keep surrounding content relevant and Article Posts give you full control over the content in which your links are embedded.

    * Customizable Anchor Text - Through PostLinks, you can easily specify the keywords and keyword phrases you use to anchor your links.

    When people search for information on the internet, they make use of search words that will enable them to find what they are searching for Knowing that different users make use of different terms is vital to being successful using SEO and article marketing
    Read This Value of Bookmarking/Social News One of the most FAQs we get: How can I measure the value of BM and SN campaigns?  We will be adding this to the training, but for those already actively using SYNND, you may miss it. There are some HUGE changes that have taken place as it pertains to rankings, links, etc.  We will be sharing a webinar that goes into more detail, but here are some takeaways:

    1. Traffic and social engagement matter more than just links. Why?  Because anyone can create a link, but if people do not care enough to click through, there will be less value.  Now, this is a general statement, and is not to say that it has none, but if you were Google, isn't your goal to place more value on what content consumers care about?  Should you focus more on link building than content marketing?  Yes... we're leading the witness.  You can actually get both... we discuss on the webinar!

    2. Traffic and social signals must balanced.  If you are trying to build social signals at a rate that is more than a few percent of your total traffic on your website, this is unnatural.  You will not be fooling Google. What should your goal be and how can you get even more out of SYNND... stay tuned for next week's webinar!

    3. Regardless of whether you see links in Google Webmaster Tools, bookmarks and social news DO ABSOLUTELY HAVE VALUE!  References to your content ARE gathered and accumulate.  These are called Citations/Mentions/Shingles.  The number of times your website/content is mentioned builds.  What you must understand is that it is a marathon, not a sprint.  This is why you MUST use these modules and not just think that only Facebook, Google +, and Twitter matter.  Google will prove it to you:

    Keyword research is the most fundamental marketing activity to any successful online business Keyword Research - A Critical Skill For All Successful Internet Marketer

    What a strong statement -

    Don't spend money on keyword tools. Just use Amazon, the Google Adwords tool, the Godaddy Bulk registration tool, and Google to find great keywords. There is a paid alternative called Longtail Pro, but it's not necessary until you're making money.

    Mike From - A Close Look at Niche Marketing Tools I Use To Make Niche Sites This process shouldn’t be too complicated and there are plenty of free tools that you can use too. Links mentioned in video: Adwords Keyword Tool
    Making simple action activities to Generate Leads acquiring possible semi-auto software tools bring about fuel to any online web business working around the social networks can be rapid as well as easy when using the right software tools and the right remedies a webmasters time management. Often a good software app may be needed while various other tools then need a much simpler course of actions by the online marketer.

    The Internet marketer or entrepreneur could provide value and solutions that potential leads view as valuable in their lives rather than pushing company components alone. Business tips and methods that are basic yet workable would attract like-minded people for additional guidance and remedies if an effective record is obvious.

    Areas of experience could be discussed to win web consumers seeking such information or abilities to be loyal clients or life time fans and also fans. Expert coupon videos that are entertaining could interest many possible bring about want for more while fuelling their psychological ability with business elements. When internet viewers are definitely entailed in an online job that fascinates them, higher positive response is anticipated. It is most likely that such web viewers might forward the promo video clip or link to others in their circles of impact that benefit the business as this forms an exceptional advertising technique without incurring price to the marketing expert as well as company.

    Advertising and marketing leads would immediately move as traffic to the web business website when satisfied or convinced web customers onward their referrals of the on-line advertisement to others in their contact capacity.

    Publishing top quality articles that are content abundant would draw even more website traffic to the web site. Numerous modern consumers like top quality material that is simple to use and also review to enhance consumer way of life. A lead producing system could be essential to safeguard good leads; this might call for an offering in exchange for the lead details that could propel this business exposure in the marketplace.The name of the game is social media A couple years ago, back in the 90s, marketing was all about who sent more newsletters or who made the most cold calls...
    Your very own mailing list is the most critical asset you will have as an online business owner. The amount of traffic you direct towards your ‘opt-in’ along with the number of subscribers on your list will have a direct impact on how successful you are in making a significant income online. In many ways, your list represents the size of your market reach. As such, list building should be one of your top priorities when developing and implementing your marketing strategies. It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I won't want you to spend all you time reading emails and doing nerds stuff (which I'm doing this morning) so I'll keep this short and to the point...
    "Money is in the list..." "Build the's the most important asset of your business" Now I'm sure you've heard both these lines a gazillion times from pretty much everyone working in our industry what they don't really tell you is how you can build that list...right? So I shot this quick video on how you can build your list from your blogs and get 10 times more optins and subscribers that you get normally...PLUS get my Optin Pop-up plugin for free at the end of the video.

    Here are 6 ways for you to approach list building effectively.
    Facebook Marketing Do you utilize your Facebook in any type of income creating activities Yes You Can use your Facebook in creating your business residual income, generate leads and create income streams. Social networking like Facebook could steer all sorts of internet traffic to your selling opportunities from those that are definitely out there seeking your information. These individuals could even prepare to pull out their credit cards and buy your offers.

    Have you ever attempting to create ways to implement your own Facebook fan page or ways to produce those terrific little application tabs as part of your advertising and marketing strategy that simply involves generating leads, subsequently Facebook lead generation is something that you need not to miss out on. This just has to be a massive part of your banking method Period!

    If you wish to expedite by producing your Facebook Fan-page, to get top quality leads, get your hands on something straightforward to realize your marketing objectives, click on this e-book cover its costs less that three dollars and its filled with well tried and tested success knowledge by many discovered and acknowledged and have a wonderful new portals producing leads, website traffic and sales using Facebook.

    This brand-new Facebook package deal called Social Lever will certainly guild you through, and set you up on a solid foundation, showing you HOW and with assurance and convenience on the best ways to use Facebook to explode your business in a way you have never ever utilized before - using this most significant Facebook up to date tactics lead generation!
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