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    There has been a buzz going about the internet about "ghetto" videos. like real existence behind the scenes stuff.. Nicely In the event you watched a few of these, you know they ain't really in "the ghetto"

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    His title is Rob Rammuny and he's only sixteen years previous and runs an Internet Empire from his bedroom at his mom's home. (of which he has already paid off her mortgage)
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    Go here Right now and view his video. It Ain't Fairly, but it is "Real" and I think that is what we all want. A Real System that works
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    Rob's technique is not really difficult" to implement it's just just a little "wierd." But as soon as you get the hang of it you'll be kicking yourself that you did not think of it first. There are many pitfalls in your continuing Internet Marketing Education and it is difficult to know who to trust. I can tell you with confidence that Rob is one of the "good guys" and that by accepting him as your mentor you will be making a decision that will bring you reward and wealth ten times over..
    There has been a buzz going around the internet about
    A little about our SEO Checklist...
    The purpose of this checklist is to allow webmasters to optimize their web pages for better search engine ranking. This checklist is made ideally to help you ‘do-it-yourself’ – you shouldn’t need any experts to follow the instructions given in this book. You can now say goodbye to those expensive SEO companies and start to earn good ranking yourself.
    Some features included into our SEO Checklist..
    This SEO Checklist consists a number of optimization techniques including selecting the right keywords, keyword placement, details on internal and external links, on-page and off-page factors, and many more. There is also our very own glossary for those terms you may not understand.
    "We cannot guarantee you number one position... but we can guarantee you better ranking" Get yourself better ranking with our "Do-it-Yourself" SEO Checklist

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    2011 Internet Marketing Video

    This is worth an hour of your time to learn how to build better websites and the involvments for your sites - TIP build sites with quality content and a layout as a magazine, with quotes, resources boxes and at least 500 words and also fast loading pages.

    Ed, thank you so much for so great webinar. And what you are teaching about what is the Process and how powerful it is so valuable for everyone with a website online

    Michelle McPherson and Ed Dale outline three years of research to show how the only sustainable long-term SEO strategy is Great Content. Content that matters.

    In this ‘small‘ post we thought to recap some of the techniques that can be used to market your new site Most of these are already known, but it is always nice to have all of them collected in one place : * Yahoo Answers

    A Guide to Common Sense Twitter

    Common sense is not really all that common - Technologies and conceptual designs emerge and develop and die over an ever shortening time period as we humans continuously pursue our abiding interests in doing more and more, faster and faster, easier and easier One such phenomenon of current interest is Twitter, and its monumental impact on our lives at present seems certain to launch it to an exceedingly significant position

    As the lists of applications for it along with their accompanying benefits increase virally LOL and yes this is ans can be great fun.

    Snippet from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, Thank you Wikipedia (Perfect Example huh)


    Baby Boomers and Online Marketing!

    The internet, is a massive library of information Billions agree - on just about any subject you can think of  - We get massive amount of detailed many media information  can be a bit overwhelming, especially for some of the baby boomers, who are trying to find a way to make additional income to supplement their dwindling retirement funds

    3 Essential Tools of a Professional Network Marketing Business - Every day more and more entrepreneurs are building successful businesses using the internet. - Click it out here link Video Information Producer Resources has and uses an abundance of tools for earning residual income and sharing the same opportunity's with all online

    Traffic Building Link Muscle

    The auto link juicer is a must have tool for anyone that has their money sites on wordpress blogs. The auto link juicer system is 4 plugins that completely revamp your blog to run on nitrous.

    This system will increase web traffic, boost rankings and have the search engines indexing everything you throw at them.
    How will the auto link juicer help you boost your traffic and rankings.


    How will the auto link juicer help you boost your traffic and rankings.
    Subject: How To Get 3000+ Backlinks FREE! "The FREE Backlink System" that's what Jonathan calls it:

    This VERY SHORT and REFRESHING video course will show you how to build 3000+ backlinks to your site for FREE! You won't need to buy any software and you surely do NOT need to spend a lot of time in creating those backlinks to your sites.

    In fact, all the methods he suggests in this course are white hat and amazingly simple. Let me share with you what one of the fellow warriors has to say about this course: "Grabbed this and just finished going through the videos and here's my take. Just grab this. There's some nice gold nuggets here. I even had a couple of "Doh" moments about a couple of these that I was aware of but put in the "too hard" basket because of the setup.

    But since the emergence of the resource solution Jon shows I did not think of these again or how one could be the solution to the other. Possibility for hundreds of links each month with these free solutions Well worth the money in my opinion." I'm very confident that when you'll apply the methods that Jonathan is going to teach you inside, you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars on back-linking campaigns!
    These methods simply WORK and you do NOT need to spend a lot of money to get your site rank on page ONE in Google! In fact, all the methods that he reveals in this course are absolutely FREE and easy to do! So go ahead and secure your copy right NOW before he closes this cool low priced Offer

    To Your Success How To Get 3000+ Backlinks FREE!

    This VERY SHORT and REFRESHING video course will show you how to build 3000+ backlinks to your site for FREE!
    This search engine list is a real time saver! The web's best search engines, COMPLETE WITH SEARCH BOXES
    This is one of my best tool finds so far this year I really don't know how I managed without it before today thank goodness someone out there understands what tools we active folks online need in our browsers when we are searching online for our day to day needs

    Here you go this search engine list is a real time saver! The web's best search engines, COMPLETE WITH SEARCH BOXES, on one page.

    Once a search term is entered into any search box, it is automatically filled into every box on the page! One url - one search term - 20 search engines!

    15 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

    Save Time Working OnlineThis is really a silly mistake several folks including me make and what's even worse – even knowledgeable Seo specialists struggle with it.

    People pick keywords and phrases that in their minds not whats keyword descriptive of their internet search words but the typical customers just might not bother to research them.

    For instance, if you've a romantic relationship website, you may find out that “relationship guide” doesn't work for you personally, even although it has the “relationship” key phrase, while “dating advice” performs like a charm. Choosing the appropriate keywords and phrases will make or break your Seo campaign. Even if you're really resourceful, you can not believe on your personal choices of all of the wonderful key phrases but a great keyword recommendation tool you can freely use these days, for example, the Web site Keyword Suggestion tool will assist you discover keywords and phrases that are fine for every ones website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an upcoming field which is helping develops and grow business like never before. With the onset of the internet age, more and more companies are going online with their products and services. Several starts up companies are even operating directly from their websites without even opening their own offices. In this fiercely competitive world, it is extremely important that your company website gets a page rank which is better than that of your competitor's sites in well-known search engines like Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves or Yahoo.

    However, SEO being a very vast and diverse field, there are bound to be mistakes by the SEO professional or the company in positioning their website amongst the millions of other pages. If your site does not possess the necessary appeal or information necessary to capture an audience, it can lead to potential loss of clients and such incidents spoil the reputation of your website amongst search engine page ranks.

    Thus it is important to avoid following mistakes:

    1) Vague Titles and Content

    Page ranks are based on the relevance of the content of your webpage to the criteria which is searched for by the customer. If your content is vague and not related to the title of your page or vice versa, then the page rank allotted to your webpage will be low. Thus, it is advisable to make sure that the titles and the following content are in agreement and is about the service or product that the company is offering. Also, the title should be such that it should grab the attention of the visitor and induce him into spending more time on the page.

    2) Bland or Irrelevant Content

    As is well known, "Content is King". The prime focus of the SEO project should be that the content on offer on the pages is relevant to the purpose of the site. Also, the content should not be bland with only praises for the products or services of the company. The content should be such that the viewer is enthused into knowing more about the company or using its services.

    3) Complex Articles

    Not all viewers are literary geniuses. This should be kept in mind when designing the layout and content of the website. The content and page layout should be refreshing, with easy to read and useful information and valuable content. Certain tactics like use of bold and italics tags can increase the keyword density of the page which would lead to better chance of your page turning up in the top results of search engines.

    4) Misuse of Keywords

    Keywords are basically used to put relevance to the content of the site in the view of the search engines. However, misuse or rather unnecessary use of keywords, without the supporting content or service can lead to the search engines assigning a lower rank to your page. Thus, keywords should be used only in context of the content.

    5) Tricking Search Engines

    The search engines today are very smart and can record information in its database. Using techniques such as masking and clouding can cause the site to be banned by the search engine and the page won't turn up in subsequent searches.
    Having your personal social network internet site has benefits like generating you money through promotion and also increasing your visibility for additional reasons The first step in setting up a social network site will be selecting on the goal and also the style of the site – you will not acquire people if you do not have a niche and a goal
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