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If you are already involved with selling items on eBay but is still finding some difficulties with it, do not worry too much because there are specific things that you can do to make sure that you will be able to become successful in business eBay selling Whether you are a beginner in this field or already an expert, these advices mentioned hereafter will surely be effective in helping you attain success in your online business...

Mobile phones and IT, software and computer manufacturing industry. Multimedia presentation by Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - image, branding, winning customers, online marketing and building trust. Consumer changes, preferences and lifestyles. Conference speaker / multimedia keynote lecture on future trends.

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What to focus on in your online business How to win customers and keep customers loyal. Client focussed business growth and customer satisfaction. How to win trust. Online communities and web marketing, management skills. Advertising and brand image.

Dr Patrick Dixon is well known as a futurist, and lectures on risk management, keynote speaker on new technology, mobile communications, virtual teams, customer relations, innovation, change management, emerging market, banking, financial services, retail industry, energy industry, manufacturing opportunities, leadership, motivation and other issues.

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A very quick tutorial on getting blog links and Power Linking with trackbacks.

When used properly, trackbacks and pingbacks are an excellent way to build links and traffic to your blog, as well as building relationships with other bloggers.

What Is Trackback? - In layman’s terms, trackback is a way to notify a website when you publish an entry that references it.

This is how you do blog marketing - when you send it a trackback, a link with a short excerpt of your entry will appear on the referenced website.

Copywriting Secrets – 3 ways to sound sincere (not that smart the first time, not that dumb the second)

by Craig Garber on October 11, 2010

Most sales letters aren’t very good.  And in fact, in the business oppty. marketplace, most sales letters are pretty close to awful.

And here’s why: when you’re writing to someone, you want to speak to them the same way you’d speak to them in person.  And I don’t know what you’re experience is, but I’ve never met anyone in my life, who’s sat down and spoken to me, face to face, and said things like this: “It’s Incredible!”  “You do nothing and money just comes to you!”  “I got to go to Hawaii… and I did nothing!”  “This is an amazing chance to live your dreams and make all the cashola you want, and it’s free!”  “Yes, we’ve never met, but I’ve devoted my entire life to helping people just like you, become free!”

When I read stuff like this, I feel dirty — like I need to take a shower.

Let me correct what I said a minute ago: I’ve never met anyone in my life who’s spoken to me like this… and then walked away with any of my money in their pockets, is what I should’ve said.

And this is what’s going on with all these sales letters.  No one’s really selling much of anything, because people really aren’t as stupid as you think they are.  Or… put it this way – they might not be that smart — the first time… but they’re not going to be that dumb, the second time.

Being “slick” might work the first time, but that’s probably not what you care about.  You want to know how to build long-term continuing streams of revenue and repeat business.  Not one-shot “wham bam thank-you ma’am” hits.


Of course.

And if you want to do this, then you have to be sincere and you have to SOUND sincere.  And you have to sound sincere in your own voice – not in anyone else’s. 

So here are three things you want to do, so your buyers truly believe in your sincerity.

Hi Phillip,

The internet is the information highway, this phrase has been used so many times it should be nominated for the Internet Cliché Award. People that go to the internet are subdivided into groups, but generally, they are out to search information. Whether for gaming, business, fun or anything else the internet has provided us with information that has proved to be very beneficial. 

Through the recent years many people have learned the secrets of Search Engine Optimization. More and more sites have seen the effects articles have done for the traffic of their sites. Some have even created sites devoted entirely to providing articles that could be read by their website visitors and have links that could lead to many sites that are related to the topics and subjects of the articles.

For example, the sites may feature many articles about a whole lot of topics. As a website visitor reads the articles they have searched for, they can find at the end of the article a resource box that can be clicked on to link them to the site that has submitted the article. Of course the article would be in relation to the site. Lets say if the article is about rotating the tires, the resource box may lead to a link to a site that sells tires or car parts.

A resource box is what you usually find at the end of an article. They will contain the name of the author, a brief description of the author, a brief description of the sponsoring site and a link. If a reader likes what they read, they would have the tendency to find out where the article came from to read more. The resource bow will be their link to the source of the article and this will entice them to go to the site and do some more reading or research for the
subject or topic they are interested in.

But like the article itself, the resource box must also be eye-catching to demand the attention and interest of the reader. While the resource box encompasses only a small space, providing the right keywords and content for your resource box will provide more prodding for the reader to go to your site.

Now we know what resource boxes are, what are the benefits of having a good resource box? Mainly its driving traffic to your site. Many sites would allow articles to be placed in their sites because they can make use of the articles to fill their pages. They also get affiliation with other sites that can be beneficial for them as well. For the sponsoring site, when you get people to click on your resource box, you generate traffic that can be counted upon as
potential customers.

So what would be a good content for your resource box? Basically it is keywords, learning about the proper keywords that people are mainly searching for. There are many tools you can find in the internet that can help you in determining what keywords to use.

Resource boxes can also make use of all the creativity it can get. You only get a small space for your resource box so you better make the most of it. Try to catch the attention of your reader with resource box content that can make them give a second look. Unlike TV ads, you don't have visual aids to drive your point in. But you do have the power of imagination of a reader. With the right content, you can make them think and intrigued.

Another tip is to use keywords that should be related to your site. Do not mislead your potential website visitors. Build your credibility so that more people would get enticed to visit your site and browse what you have to offer. Make the people click your resource box by providing resource box content that makes a lasting impression. You only get one chance to wow them and hundreds of chances to repulse them.

 Expert Author Phillip Skinner Basic PLUS Level Expert AuthorNever underestimate the power of the resource box. It may be small in size but they will provide a significant aid in driving traffic to your site. A boring resource box will never get a job done.
Be fun and creative but at the same time show that you have a great deal to offer, too much to ask for something that couldn't fit a paragraph? Yes and no, there are many tips and guides that can help you in doing this, the first step is realizing how important a resource box could be in making people click your link and be directed to your site.

to your success,
Phillip Skinner

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37 years ago the late Mr Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the nature of human understanding.

Which he later called the 'Three principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought'. Mr Banks lived on Salt Spring island in Canada, and taught internationally.

For more information about Mr Banks please visit his web site 37 years ago the late Mr Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the nature of human understanding.

His dream was for human consciousness to elevate enough to end wars, conflicts and needless suffering, creating a more peaceful world

His dream was for human consciousness to elevate enough to end wars suffering create a peaceful world
37 years ago the late Mr Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the nature of human understanding. His dream was for human consciousness to elevate enough to end wars, conflicts and needless suffering, creating a more peaceful world...

Which he later called the 'Three principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought'. Mr Banks lived on Salt Spring island in Canada, and taught internationally. 

"My words may seem too simple, but I say again, the truth is simple." Sydney Banks - 'Three Principles' of Mind Consciousness and Thought

For more information about Mr Banks please visit his web site
His dream was for human consciousness to elevate enough to end wars suffering creating a peaceful world

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 How many years has it taken for our society to create a way for anyone to make money from home? I remember all of the classified ads that I would read a kid while surfing my comic books in the 1970’s looking for a way to make an extra buck so I could buy my own toys when I was 14.

It always seemed that I would stumble across classifieds that would direct me to stuffing envelopes and to send away for the information.

Like you I must have sent away for dozens of offers only to find out that I couldn’t implement all the things necessary to make it work because it required even more money and I simply didn’t have it!
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Well today is a new day with new opportunity and new ways to connect and produce results that’s for sure. Because of computers and the internet it is now possible to create and income online from the comfort of your home, office, or even for starving students in college. Literally anyone can create income online with a click of a mouse strong intentions and a product, a digital product to be specific.

So the question becomes, “How do I begin to make money online and with what tool?” Well, I will say to you that about 1.5 years ago I stumbled across a link a friend forwarded to me about a gentleman by the name of Armando Montelongo (He and his wife are the stars of A&E’s Flip This house). I viewed the link and watched the video 5 or 6 times, but even more importantly I clicked on a link on the bottom of the page that  most webmasters post as a link to their site and this is where I found the company of an incredible entrepreneur, Joel Therien.  Joel is a guy with a vision who has created one of the most influential internet businesses on the web today because he give back to his subscribers, customers and people in general.
Beginning in March, Joel will be introducing a product that allows anyone to build a MASSIVE contact list using a virtual product with high perceived value for all people. How many times have you visited a web page where you download a trial product and then have to upgrade within 7-30 days and soon after that you’re not using the product at all because you didn’t upgrade to the paid version?
Mr. Therien’s product is given away for FREE and allows all of its users the ability to create an online income payable via a PayPal account. Software of this caliber can cost $250 - $600 easily, but now all interested takers have the ability to post their own videos on the internet for free with a few clicks of a mouse. How easy can it be to get more for less?
Why would Therien give this software away for F.REE? You know, I asked the same question. I came to the conclusion that this not only allows for me to get more exposure and build my marketing list to sell virtual products and more, it give my joint venture partner, Joel the ability to exponentially  increase his marketing list and grow his company to the mark of $100 million this year. And I’m committed to helping him because he’s helping me create my $5 Million. That is truly a WIN-WIN for all parties involved and certainly a joint venture partner I want to engage with.
Joel Therien and Global Virtual Opportunities business model are in the process of changing the internet and pushing the online envelope by sharing knowledge, virtual opportunities and customer service to create more choices in the global marketplace.  Being connected with Joel Therein has taught me trade secrets that I would have not received anywhere else on the planet and coupled with his network of Internet Gurus, like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Stephen Pierce you not only have a chance to meet these people, but you have a chance to learn more trade secrets and make more revenue online.
Easy Video Producer started its public launch on March 2, 2009 and to take advantage of the buzz on the front side and to build your marketing list quickly, you need to sign up quickly. Again the software is F.REE and if you find value to the product upgrade to the next level if it makes since for upgrade. It’s that easy.  The secret to making money online is to build a contact list of people that see value in what you offer and Easy Video Producer provides extreme value.
Take a couple of minutes to sign up for Easy Video Producer and begin building your new marketing list today!
To Your Success,  - You can visit the site at - Easy Video Producer Internet Marketers Dream But relevant to every one online this is so simple
Posting this to Create, capture & share community knowledge using elaborate pictures with you because...

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