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Sign-up for an free account quickly. There are many features that are available in the member's area. Get more views to your article by distributing it in video format on video sharing sites like Increase conversions and create a name for yourself by establishing yourself as a guru in the field Get quality back links from the description box of the video sharing websites and social bookmarking sites. Boost your rankings in search engines

Just imagine this in the event you could manage to employ a complete time video clip and audio producer and have them at your disposal who would turn each and every write-up you ever needed into an thrilling Internet Video or On-line Check it out:

A simple video clip advert - bringing to life your content articles message with video. This support on your own would price you thousands of bucks per month, every single month, simply to have someone do this for you personally... Nicely now we have created a software which will do all this for you personally automatically and at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend someone to complete it for you personally.

So with that said I would like to introduce you to a brand new technology which will take your Write-up and video marketing to the Subsequent Degree leg up and give you immediate credibility as an professional in any field you choose. Its known as the "Article Video Robot" and it will convert your content articles into Cool Talking Movies in a matter of minutes on auto pilot.

All you have to complete is push button to duplicate and paste your article in to the software and it'll convert your article into a scorching marketable video instantly! Think us once we let you know there is completely nothing else similar to this software program on the web today! It just does not exist! You do not even have to depart your desk or touch a camera!

The Article Video Robot software allows anyone within the world with zero video clip advertising expertise to have the ability to jump on board with video marketing and see incredible traffic results due to this new technology... and you don't need to know any technical no how to sort through this technology . it's so easy a child can do it!

I guarantee that after you take a look at this demo, it'll alter every thing you ever before thought possible, you really have to check this out or better still try it out free with Article or Video Advertising. Pick up your duplicate copy of "Article Video Robot" article video robot

This is Cool You Might Wanna Check it out again and again:

Backlink Energizer

Backlink Indexing is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your backlink building efforts.  Whether you use Articles, profiles, blogging, guest blogging or other backlink building strategies.  Taking steps to get Google to find your links will greatly increase your link efforts value.

It's one thing to go out and build or hire an out-sourcer to build 100's, even 1,000's of backlinks to your money sites and important traffic pages. Now a days that's a rather trivial exercise - time or money solves the issue and there's a lot of quality resources.
Let the plug-in do the work automatically while you reap the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic!

It's quite another issue altogether to get maximum value from those backlinks.  Take for instance, profile backlinks [ which are all the rage right now ] - how many of those, if left alone after being created, will ever find their way into Google's index?  If Google never crawls them and indexes them, how are we to get credit for them?  One case study I saw recently - illustrated a 250% increase in links indexed by Google by taking matters in your own hands vs. waiting for Google bot to get around to finding them - naturally.

The whole concept  - based on all the current tools on the market, is to build backlinks to your backlinks on high trafficked web 2.0 sites.

I tried improving my odds with the Google bot and big G's index using a couple of the leading tools on the market.  Some aspects I liked - other aspects not so much.  Some systems relied on web 2 gatekeeper sites like Posterous or to cross post identical content across a dozen web 2.0 sites.  Problem is - if the gatekeeper site gets wind of it - they're likely to shut it all off.  In fact they've been trying to do just that.

One of the other issues was ... having to sort out, and install a PHP script on my hosted server.  What if I want to build a rather large network of indexing sites?  All going to come off the same IP?  Easy footprint for web 2.0 admins to track down as the source.  So to distance my linking efforts from my money site IP's - I'll need a 2nd hosting account on top of the cost of the application. Not to mention the challenges that come with maintaining a server side PHP script.

Another system I looked into was using web 2.0 sites and rss feeds of backlinks, and then shortened urls.  I wasn't sure how post after post of shortened urls on web 2.0 sites was going to last for very long.  I suspected those sites using it aggressively would meet certain moderator death.  Another issue was ... will 20 posts a day of nothing but short urls be reliable bait for Google bot to keep coming back - daily?  I had already wasted enough time - I didn't feel like taking another flyer on what I determined to be questionable SEO and indexation tactics right from the start.

Fortunately, a friend turned me onto one of the coolest WordPress Plugins I've ever used. Backlink Energizer. The guys over at Backlink Goldmine developed it.  I guess this Andy Fletcher guy is a wizard with PHP and WordPress - and he whipped up this SEO plugin to make it as easy as possible for the "non tekkie" marketer to get rapid results.  They buried a bunch of the techno mumbo-jumbo into the WordPress publishing engine - and made it Copy N Paste easy!

All I had to do was take one of my WordPress blogs and install the plug in.  From there it was as easy as making a post or page in the WordPress interface.  I pasted a text file list of all my backlinks I wanted to get indexed.  A few RSS Feeds they supplied, and I made a list of keywords to use for the links back to my backlinks.  From there I needed to fill in my FREE Web 2.0 blog sites like Vox - Posterous - Blogger - Multiply - LiveJournal - TypePad Micro, and a WordPress blog I hosted myself.  I'd say the whole thing took me less than 1 hr.  I think my next install will be only 15-20 minutes though, as I now know exactly what to expect. 

It really was straightforward and simple - there
are just a lot of user-name - password details to enter.  By far the easiest system for backlink indexation I've seen.  If my results are only have as good as their case study ... I will be more than pleased at this economical price point and ease of use. I will be reporting more on indexed link numbers shortly.

You can go have a look at their Backlink Energizer Case Study Backlink Energizer where they tested 300 backlinks - 150 got Energized, 150 did not.  The results from the Energized group were astounding. 

Back Link Checker

Many people would love to be able to work from the comfort of their own home and have their own work at home business online. If you have never tried it before and have no idea about marketing online, then you can get confused as where to begin and how to go about it.

Having a work at home business online is the goal for many people, hence the increasing number of affiliate marketers. The idea of staying at home and working in your pajamas is an enticing one! Some of us just want to make a lot of money, or be our own boss, or enjoy the flexibility that comes with not having to work a regular 9 to 5 job.

The Internet has made it so much easier nowadays for entrepreneurs to be able to become very successful online. It is a fantastic tool that allows you to reach people globally and for this reason e-commerce is a growing phenomenon. You can pretty much do business with anybody anywhere in the world that has a computer and an Internet connection.

You always hear about the number of people that have been able to successfully earn a good income from marketing methods online such as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around for years and the Internet has just given it a new lease on life.

When it comes to selling online it’s often the little things that make a big difference to your bottom line!Affiliate marketing works on the basis of attracting more people or potential buyers to a merchant's website. You just focus on referrals and the seller handles all the rest, such as billing and shipping of products. Some sellers will also pay a commission on the sales from other affiliates that you have recruited. So all in all, choosing the right affiliate marketing company can be lucrative.

This is the simplest way to make some money online and get started on building an online business. You just need to create a website and choose a few merchants that you want to promote. The sellers will provide you with the marketing material such as the banners and advertisements that will go on your website.
Click Banner Free 30 Day Trial
After setting up your website, you need to find ways to generate traffic to your website so people see the products. The more traffic that you have to your website, the more sales you are likely to have, so this is crucial. If you are a complete beginner at Internet marketing then you should do a little research on this. There is a lot of information already available on the Internet. Some affiliate marketing programs will help you and teach you to successfully market the products.

It may be surprising to you, but an online business can often provide a more stable source of income. For instance, in the time of a recession there are still many different streams in which you can make money. For this reason, many people have turned to online ways of generating a second income.

It does require some effort and dedication on your part initially to set up the business. You need to make sure you create the website, select the products that you have concluded will sell the best, and keep up to date on things. This will ensure that you make the sales you want and achieve your desired goal of building a successful work at home business online.

To your success!
Improve Web Site Traffic Totally Free Secrets and techniques to increase Website Traffic totally free We're generating this video with links page available to you totally free, so you can start optimizing your site today!

Lead By Example If you want to receive top quality, keyword rich, incoming links, then you should lead by quality,  when linking to other websites take some time to find out which key words they are targeting and the way they'd like their link displayed.  Keep in mind, "You can get everything in life you want in the event you will just help sufficient other individuals get what they want."

Last Notes Use a constant technique of navigation on your website, employing all of these techniques all through your site. This will help insure the search engine robots find and index all of your pages.

  No-Optin Required Free Gift

Download The Introduction To Creating A Bug Free Mind

Discover why other personal development books don’t work and won’t ever work for 99% of people.

Discover why they won’t give you the hidden secret to manifesting your dreams.

And discover why it is not your fault… it is actually down to the bad teachers…

List Of What’s In The ‘Bad Teachers’ Introduction:-

The answer to… If personal development books worked then where are all the millionaires?
Exactly why you are feeling stuck, and 3 things you need to know to start hitting and achieving your greatest goals and ambitions!
And… It explains the missing part of the puzzle that every personal development book alludes to or hints at but NEVER actually reveals!

To Find It…

"Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?" ~Bob Marley

How to Reveal Your Heart's Deepest Desires

In order to become a magnetic manifesting being, you must first have a clear and specific idea of what you want to manifest. So what do you madly, truly, deeply want in life? Whether you know it right now or not, stop and sit for 15-20 minutes and meditate on any one or all of the questions below.

The investigation and journey is worth more than finding out the eventual answers. Every minute that you sit, dive deeper into your questioning mindset that asks, “What do I really really want?” Here are some specific questions to get you started.

What will my LIFE be like when I am living my ultimate dream?
What will my relationships, job, income, and health be like?
What will my spiritual connection with the Universe be like?

Who is it that I most want to be like?
What will my ideal vacations look like?

If I had everything I wanted, what would I be doing with my time?
If I had all the money I needed, what would I purchase with it?

What do I want my life to look like 10 years from now?

How will you know that you have discovered what you truly want? What are the signs and signals? First, your heart will open with joy when you see yourself experiencing your desired outcome. Your body will feel this excited tingling sensation as if it was screaming “YAHOOO!” followed by a sensation of relief and inner peace.

When you know what you want, you feel fully alive. You notice that your blood is really pumping inside, causing all your senses to be alert and sensitive to life. Every time you think about what you truly want, you will feel extremely excited about the future!

By sitting and taking a deep honest look at who you are, and what you really want to experience in your life, something magical begins to occur. You start becoming aligned with your life mission, spiritual purpose, and path.

You become passionate again about your life and excited about what you are creating! It’s as if you have opened your eyes and heart for the first time, and can see the infinite number of possible ways you can easily achieve your goals.

The more you surrender yourself to unraveling this inner mystery, the easier it is to understand and experience your spiritual journey. This inner alignment creates a more creative and expanded way of experiencing life, and is the path to trusting your intuition again.

All self-doubt and fear that arises during this exploration will support you in diving deeper into your core, and in simply discovering the amazing infinite being that you truly are! -
Transform your life with the Enlightening 90 Day Super Manifesting Program! Check Out This...
Transform your life with the Enlightening 90 Day Super Manifesting Program!
DISCOVERING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT "Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?" ~Bob Marley How to Reveal Your Heart's Deepest Desires

Enlighten your Life and Become a Super Manifestor at This inspiring 4 min video will awaken the enlightened manifestor with you and begin turning you into a Manifesting Magnet!

Transform your life with the Enlightening 90 Day Super Manifesting Program!


"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you're experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you're focusing your energy, attention and consciousness." ~Jafree Instantly Download over 300 pages of Manifesting Materials and 240 minutes of MP3 Audio with this REVOLUTIONARY Super Manifesting Program!

Don't Leave With Out...

"Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?"
~Bob Marley

Joke for Today

Three dead bodies turn up at the mortuary, all with very big smiles on their faces. The coroner calls the police to tell them what has happened.

'First body: Pierre Dubois, Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure while making love to his 20-year old mistress. Hence the enormous smile, Inspector', says the Coroner.

'Second body: Hamish Campbell, Scotsman, 25, won £50,000 on the lottery, spent it all on whisky. Died of alcohol poisoning; hence the smile.'

The Inspector asked, 'What about the third body?'

'Ah,' says the coroner, 'this is the most unusual one. Paddy Murphy, Irish, 30, struck by lightning.'

'Why is he smiling then?' inquires the Inspector.

'He thought he was having his picture taken'.


A man went into CentreLink in Adelaide, and saw a card advertising for a Gynaecologist's Assistant. Interested, he went in and asked the clerk for details.

The clerk pulled up the file and read;

"The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynaecologist.

You have to help the women out of their underwear, lay them down and carefully wash their private regions, then apply shaving foam and gently shave off their pubic hair, then rub in soothing oils so they're ready for the gynaecologist's examination. The annual salary is $85,000, and if you're interested you'll have to go to Sydney.

 "My God, is that where the job is?" asked the man.

 She answered,  - "No sir, that's where the end of the queue is."

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Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) owns and operates its complete infrastructure. There is absolutely no middle man when it comes to GVO!

GVO's hosting and marketing systems are developed and implemented from servers in our new Data center located in San Antonio Texas United States.

How can we offer so much...?

  • GVO owns and operates everything from our 10,000 square foot Data Center. Our servers,
    fiber optics and bandwidth.
  • GVO owns all lines of code and develops all software and scripts for its operation.
  • Everything begins and grows for our clients at Global Virtual Opportunities.

Our main corporate office is located in San Antonio, Texas USA. Everyone involved, knows we like to put a human element in everything we do. GVO is more than just a web hosting company. We are also an Internet Marketing Company, who makes sure all our clients are well taken care of. This is our number one priority!

There is a real team behind Global Virtual Opportunities. You will get to know our team on a first name basis. That's the way we operate!

We are real people, who really care and our business is based on the fact that you are a real person too!

When it comes to web hosting. GVO puts it all out on the table!

Unlimited Domain Hosting and powerful Marketing Tools are included with GVO's Titanium Hosting Account!



We have been hosting web sites for well over 10 years. We work with and host some of the largest online marketers in the world today. GVO is not only a web host, but a host that understands the marketers mind and has all the tools in place to help clients and businesses grow to new heights.

Packed with features, our shared hosting allows you to grow at your own pace with the right resources and support necessary for that growth. All of our shared plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 year-round online support.


GVO is a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. 
All people serious about marketing their website and making it profitable use GVO

Did you know that Barack Obama was suffered a crushing defeat in a congressional primary just 8 years before being elected president? - Or that Albert Einstein couldn’t find a teaching job? - Or that Tina Turner thought she could never be successful without her abusive husband? - Or that billionaire Ross Perot got this start by borrowing $1,000 from his wife?

These are just a few of the examples of the many humble beginnings that eventually led to stunning success. 
So if you feel like offering a bit of inspiration this year to some of your friends and family, instead of the normal sweaters and socks, Good Idea Yes?  - But Before You;
Click the picture
Just because we get knocked down does not mean we have to stay there. 100 Amazing Comeback StoriesJohn Groom has been involved in a wide variety of writing and publishing ventures, both in print and online. His free-lance articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Builder, ExportToday, the Montgomery Sentinel, and elsewhere.
He created the websites and
The popular Positive Saying of the Day from Positive Press currently has over 42,000 subscribers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
At the height of their game, Tragedy and Triumph is selling out local shows, pulling in several hundred of their own fans, and putting on a live show that brings new fans with every performance. In 2009 several member left the band citing musical differences, leaving the remaining members to decide if this band should still be pursued.

After a short hiatus, the remaining members weren't ready to give up their dreams just yet. With a collaboration of new songs, a new line up of heavy hitters from the San Diego music scene, and a better live show than ever before, Tragedy and Triumph had made it back to the top.

Their new EP “The Ground Beneath Us” is a mix of heavy melodies, sing along choruses, and an overall up beat tempo to get you heart racing. Be sure to check them out at one of their upcoming shows.
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