Facebook is indeed permeating into the lives of millions of consumers today regardless of their gender, age, profession or background. The progressive technologies present around the world empower consumers worldwide with a quick, if not immediate, access to the desired information and resources at their fingertips.

Businesses today are catching on the benefits of Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services while establishing their brand as market leaders with a high premier image. Ordinary consumers and businesses are updating Facebook accounts constantly with Twitter tweets sent from anywhere at any time to update one another on their location, activity and news.

New business power

These social networking sites are proving to be dynamic marketing tools for any smart business indulging into them. The business is always connected to a host of relevant and premier networks for a greater web presence on the Internet. The business image is greatly enhanced across the globe without any cost to the company. Great ideas shared on these social media platforms boost the company’s image and market position as innovative market leaders.

A greater audience is reached with a higher conversion rate for them as potential leads as most of these consumers can access Facebook and Twitter using their smart mobile phones that have WI-Fi features. Businesses can send off promotional items and cost savings offers to their long list of consumers quickly and cost effectively.

Facebook enjoys a huge membership of half a million at the last count in 2012. These are active online members who use Facebook daily with a lot of content shared. Local businesses are jumping onto this bandwagon to market themselves to an easily available consumer market without much effort.

Twitter also allows innovative and determined businesses to grow their follower base like the social media platform. With one billion users registered on Twitter, it is not hard to see why local businesses want a slice of the pie of the consumer market. Third party applications make up 75% of traffic on Twitter which shows the heavy activities businesses are indulging to secure potential leads.

Approaches to riding on Facebook and Twitter

Modern businesses are discovering a heap of benefits riding on Facebook and Twitter as these are cost effective marketing measures to boost page ranks, sales and bottom lines. However, businesses do have to play their roles proactively to capitalize on these social media networking sites’ features for their own benefit.

Firstly, there must be a contemporary profile page of the business that is regularly maintained and updated with the latest information to help users identify the company and become loyal followers. An attractive and impressive profile page boosts the image and branding of the business identity and reputation. Relevant and interesting content about the business can be included in the profile page to help users be more familiar with the business enterprise.

Next, smart business enterprises that capitalize on Facebook and Twitter can build up their virtual personality or reputation by sharing great ideas related to their business services or products that would impress web readers. These postings would set tongues wagging with compliments and greater curiosity to discover more about the concepts or benefits implied.

High quality content posted by business enterprises on Facebook or Twitter regardless of their size and industry can be very effective in reaching and impacting a wide audience in a matter of seconds. Feedback can be received spontaneously to help the business enterprise improve their content or marketing campaigns to be even more impactful as well as bring in lucrative outcomes.

A good piece of content would bring about a wide range of positive reactions and responses. A provocative piece of content would induce diversified feedback and comment that reflects the web readers’ thoughts, feelings and preferences. These can be manipulated to the enterprise’s favor although extreme professional care must be exercised in provocative issues which can bring a backlash on the company.

Thirdly, a growing client base is possible when an enterprise keeps close pace with Facebook and Twitter. The growing memberships of these social media networking sites are bound to overflow to business enterprises that capitalize on them in one way or another. These business enterprises not only enjoy a large client base; these are international clients from across the world with potentially high purchasing power.
Such social media sites prove to be a powerful online marketing tool for any business as they are self-sustaining with little or no investment costs. This marketing tool can be enjoyed by the business over the next few years as technology continues to evolve to offer something more dynamic. Facebook and Twitter open a door of business opportunities to their huge memberships where followers readily identify the brand and related services or products.

Last but not least, a successful enterprise that hopes to enjoy its business success continuously must have a solid Facebook online marketing strategy or campaign; even if it may not be foolproof. As the saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” It is imperative for ambitious business enterprises to adopt an online marketing plan that involves Facebook or any other social media platform to benefit the company as much as possible in as short a time frame as possible.


Simple responses such as clicking the ‘Like’ button on the business enterprise’s webpage can boost the page rank by top search enginesThere are plenty of social media marketing gurus, applications and solutions in the market to assist businesses of all sizes and industries to get a win on social media marketing. A myriad of tools and resources can be procured in the market or on the Internet to be applied for quick benefits to be displayed. Interesting and new online marketing techniques and skills are available for adoption by SEO experts. Creative marketing strategies are offered to businesses to boost their bottom lines and image in the market.

Simple responses such as clicking the ‘Like’ button on the business enterprise’s webpage can boost the page rank by top search engines when the number of ‘Likes’ reaches a certain figure. Business enterprises that make this smart move to ride on Facebook and Twitter have no regrets over their decision with a healthier bottom line facing them.