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Facebook Marketing is Rapidly REVOLUTIONIZING SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and Changing the landscape The Age Of The INFO Has Arrived...

It has been barely 4 months since the arrival of the new kid on the block, iFrames, and the departure of the old, FBML, and already the Facebook marketing scene is evolving in incredible leaps and bounds. What lies in store for us? Read on to find out!If you’re not onto Facebook yet, there has never been a greater time than now to grab this opportunity!

March 11th was the day that a totally new era for Facebook began. That was the day when iFrames made its debut, ushering a new era of Internet marketing with its much improved features and functions over the old FBML

With the arrival of iFrames, the possibilities of creating a real, complete web site on a Facebook Fan Page became a reality, not mere possibility.

So drastic was this change that many people began to devote their time exclusively to Facebook marketing, such was the power and draw of the new Facebook Fan Page capabilities. It’s safe to say that iFrames has revolutionized Facebook Pages to such a degree that it has forever altered the way people present their brands and product online, not to mention a complete overhaul of their marketing and sales strategies.

Social media marketing is not a relatively new phenomenon, but the changes initiated by Facebook has dramatically altered its landscape. The new opportunities presented and its sheer number of devoted users has prompted numerous Internet marketers to shift their focus from other social media sites like Twitter and YouTube exclusively to Facebook and be a part of the early stage of change. Many do not want to be caught out in the cold when the revolution starts, as it inevitably will.

4 months in and the vast majority people are still looking for that magic bullet that will power their Facebook marketing beyond their wildest dreams. In response to this need several enterprising individuals and teams alike have presented their own tool, plug-in, or system to users as the solution and response to their problems and needs. FB X-Tab, for example, is a complete solutions provider that not only takes advantage of both the iFrames and HTML5 to present unique solutions such as reveal page technology and share and like-gating functionality, its best, most distinct feature is its ability for users to add applications to an unlimited number of pages with an unlimited number of fans.

Most other application providers limit by number of Facebook pages or number of fans. What’s more, it uses a very intuitive, easy point and click interface for designing complete Facebook Fan Pages. It is also the first comprehensive system to take advantage of Facebook’s News feed to generate traffic and create awareness for a Fan Page.

In fact, a new term has come into being to name the pioneering social media marketers who focus exclusively on Facebook. Coined by Phil Benham and Daniel Tan, the developers behind FB X-Tab, these trailblazers are called News Feed Optimizers, or NF Os for short. As the name implies, they focus on the News feed of Facebook as this is where Facebook users spend most of their time, and where awareness and traffic are created and generated - Check Out The Video From This Link

As Facebook continues to evolve, it will no doubt impact the social media marketing scene in very significant ways, redefining how people plan and strategize their marketing and sales on social media sites. A new chapter of social media interaction is upon us, and NFOs are going to revolutionize Internet marketing, for the better...