"Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?" ~Bob Marley

How to Reveal Your Heart's Deepest Desires

In order to become a magnetic manifesting being, you must first have a clear and specific idea of what you want to manifest. So what do you madly, truly, deeply want in life? Whether you know it right now or not, stop and sit for 15-20 minutes and meditate on any one or all of the questions below.

The investigation and journey is worth more than finding out the eventual answers. Every minute that you sit, dive deeper into your questioning mindset that asks, “What do I really really want?” Here are some specific questions to get you started.

What will my LIFE be like when I am living my ultimate dream?
What will my relationships, job, income, and health be like?
What will my spiritual connection with the Universe be like?

Who is it that I most want to be like?
What will my ideal vacations look like?

If I had everything I wanted, what would I be doing with my time?
If I had all the money I needed, what would I purchase with it?

What do I want my life to look like 10 years from now?

How will you know that you have discovered what you truly want? What are the signs and signals? First, your heart will open with joy when you see yourself experiencing your desired outcome. Your body will feel this excited tingling sensation as if it was screaming “YAHOOO!” followed by a sensation of relief and inner peace.

When you know what you want, you feel fully alive. You notice that your blood is really pumping inside, causing all your senses to be alert and sensitive to life. Every time you think about what you truly want, you will feel extremely excited about the future!

By sitting and taking a deep honest look at who you are, and what you really want to experience in your life, something magical begins to occur. You start becoming aligned with your life mission, spiritual purpose, and path.

You become passionate again about your life and excited about what you are creating! It’s as if you have opened your eyes and heart for the first time, and can see the infinite number of possible ways you can easily achieve your goals.

The more you surrender yourself to unraveling this inner mystery, the easier it is to understand and experience your spiritual journey. This inner alignment creates a more creative and expanded way of experiencing life, and is the path to trusting your intuition again.

All self-doubt and fear that arises during this exploration will support you in diving deeper into your core, and in simply discovering the amazing infinite being that you truly are! -
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