Did you know that Barack Obama was suffered a crushing defeat in a congressional primary just 8 years before being elected president? - Or that Albert Einstein couldn’t find a teaching job? - Or that Tina Turner thought she could never be successful without her abusive husband? - Or that billionaire Ross Perot got this start by borrowing $1,000 from his wife?

These are just a few of the examples of the many humble beginnings that eventually led to stunning success. 
So if you feel like offering a bit of inspiration this year to some of your friends and family, instead of the normal sweaters and socks, Good Idea Yes?  - But Before You;
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Just because we get knocked down does not mean we have to stay there. 100 Amazing Comeback StoriesJohn Groom has been involved in a wide variety of writing and publishing ventures, both in print and online. His free-lance articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Builder, ExportToday, the Montgomery Sentinel, and elsewhere.
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At the height of their game, Tragedy and Triumph is selling out local shows, pulling in several hundred of their own fans, and putting on a live show that brings new fans with every performance. In 2009 several member left the band citing musical differences, leaving the remaining members to decide if this band should still be pursued.

After a short hiatus, the remaining members weren't ready to give up their dreams just yet. With a collaboration of new songs, a new line up of heavy hitters from the San Diego music scene, and a better live show than ever before, Tragedy and Triumph had made it back to the top.

Their new EP “The Ground Beneath Us” is a mix of heavy melodies, sing along choruses, and an overall up beat tempo to get you heart racing. Be sure to check them out at one of their upcoming shows.