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 How many years has it taken for our society to create a way for anyone to make money from home? I remember all of the classified ads that I would read a kid while surfing my comic books in the 1970’s looking for a way to make an extra buck so I could buy my own toys when I was 14.

It always seemed that I would stumble across classifieds that would direct me to stuffing envelopes and to send away for the information.

Like you I must have sent away for dozens of offers only to find out that I couldn’t implement all the things necessary to make it work because it required even more money and I simply didn’t have it!
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Well today is a new day with new opportunity and new ways to connect and produce results that’s for sure. Because of computers and the internet it is now possible to create and income online from the comfort of your home, office, or even for starving students in college. Literally anyone can create income online with a click of a mouse strong intentions and a product, a digital product to be specific.

So the question becomes, “How do I begin to make money online and with what tool?” Well, I will say to you that about 1.5 years ago I stumbled across a link a friend forwarded to me about a gentleman by the name of Armando Montelongo (He and his wife are the stars of A&E’s Flip This house). I viewed the link and watched the video 5 or 6 times, but even more importantly I clicked on a link on the bottom of the page that  most webmasters post as a link to their site and this is where I found the company of an incredible entrepreneur, Joel Therien.  Joel is a guy with a vision who has created one of the most influential internet businesses on the web today because he give back to his subscribers, customers and people in general.
Beginning in March, Joel will be introducing a product that allows anyone to build a MASSIVE contact list using a virtual product with high perceived value for all people. How many times have you visited a web page where you download a trial product and then have to upgrade within 7-30 days and soon after that you’re not using the product at all because you didn’t upgrade to the paid version?
Mr. Therien’s product is given away for FREE and allows all of its users the ability to create an online income payable via a PayPal account. Software of this caliber can cost $250 - $600 easily, but now all interested takers have the ability to post their own videos on the internet for free with a few clicks of a mouse. How easy can it be to get more for less?
Why would Therien give this software away for F.REE? You know, I asked the same question. I came to the conclusion that this not only allows for me to get more exposure and build my marketing list to sell virtual products and more, it give my joint venture partner, Joel the ability to exponentially  increase his marketing list and grow his company to the mark of $100 million this year. And I’m committed to helping him because he’s helping me create my $5 Million. That is truly a WIN-WIN for all parties involved and certainly a joint venture partner I want to engage with.
Joel Therien and Global Virtual Opportunities business model are in the process of changing the internet and pushing the online envelope by sharing knowledge, virtual opportunities and customer service to create more choices in the global marketplace.  Being connected with Joel Therein has taught me trade secrets that I would have not received anywhere else on the planet and coupled with his network of Internet Gurus, like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Stephen Pierce you not only have a chance to meet these people, but you have a chance to learn more trade secrets and make more revenue online.
Easy Video Producer started its public launch on March 2, 2009 and to take advantage of the buzz on the front side and to build your marketing list quickly, you need to sign up quickly. Again the software is F.REE and if you find value to the product upgrade to the next level if it makes since for upgrade. It’s that easy.  The secret to making money online is to build a contact list of people that see value in what you offer and Easy Video Producer provides extreme value.
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