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Synnd™ Leverages Your Time – Running a campaign on the Synnd™ network is the equivalent of having 800+ computers stationed around the world, 18,000+ social media accounts, 800+ IP addresses and and army of 800+ outsource workers. You spend a few minutes creating a campaign and then Synnd™ outsources your promotional tasks utilizing this robust and powerful network of computers and Synnd™ users.

Synnd™ Automates Promotional Tasks – Synnd™ automatically pushes your campaign tasks to hundreds of Synnd™ members computers and Internet connections to execute tasks like: re-tweeting, commenting, bookmarking, voting and rating. Each action creates a new reference to your content

Synnd™ Promotes Anything With A URL – With Synnd™ you can promote any content with a URL; A new blog post, a new web page, a new video, a new PDF, etc. Use Synnd™ to promote existing content as well. You can use Synnd™ on UNLIMITED content, domains, URLs, you name it. If it has a URL you can promote it with Synnd™.

Synnd™ Drives Traffic – All of the hundreds and thousands of actions performed across up to 18,000+ social networks generates traffic. Traffic is now an important ranking factor for Google. Your site could have perfect content, tons of inbound links but if your content does’nt have traffic then you will not rank well in the search engines.

Synnd™ Increases Visibility – It’s one thing to bookmark your content across a bunch of different networks (Synnd™ does this) … It’s another thing to have 50, 100, 200, 500 people bookmark your content on each network (social buzz) … Synnd™ does this too. Social Buzz is also a new ranking factor. If many people are bookmarking your content then you are telling the search engines that your content is “timely” and “relevant”. Each time a person bookmarks your content it creates another reference to your content. Each time another person bookmarks that same content then you increase your ranking and visibility within each bookmarking network and in the search engines… Synnd™ does this on auto-pilot.

Synnd™ Increases Search Engine Rankings – Inbound Social Buzz surrounding the deep content of your website or blog not only increases the visibility of your content, it tells the search engines that your content is “popular”, “timely” and “relevant” … The search engines want this kind of content at the top. Simple and proven.

Synnd™ Initiates the Viral Spread of Content – Synnd™ is a primer, use it to increase the visibility of your content just enough for the users of the larger social networks to take over with bookmarking, commenting, voting and rating. As more and more people BUZZ about your content, more and more people will see it. Synnd™ initiates this snowball effect. So if you have some killer content and want to “rise above the noise” so your content “gets noticed” then Synnd™ is the right tool for you.

Synnd™ Establishes Social Proof – Comments, votes and bookmarks beget more comments, votes and bookmarks… Synnd™ starts the spark which begins the chain reaction.

Synnd™ is a tool which automates core elements of each members marketing by coordinating their promotional tasks with hundreds of Synnd™ members who all laser focus their effort on the campaigns of other members. This laser focus is attained through automation to remove human error, fatigue and plain system boredom.

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It is the EQUIVALENT of having hundreds of people promoting your content across the social web

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