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How to get Your Own Youtube RSS Feed "Is there an RSS feed with my Youtube videos men and women can subscribe to?" recently publicized a bunch of RSS feeds for subscribing to popular topics and categories, but they haven't created it obvious how someone may subscribe to your Facebook channel via RSS. Thanks to their well documented section for developers, this can be a comparatively effortless. Every Youtube user has their personal exclusive RSS feed in the format: Just replace my Facebook username, along with your own Facebook username from the URL and you will have an RSS feed of only movies you uploaded to Youtube . com. You'll be able to discover additional ways to entry your info, like an RSS feed of your Favorites and Playlists, see the detailed Youtube . com API documentation. A slightly diverse method to this, which includes an enclosure having a SWF video file, is to use a URL like this wherever the file is inside the format username.rss. This can be a little additional complex due to the fact other folks could tag their movies together with your user name and demonstrate up inside your RSS feed.Here's an example: