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Taylor, C.. "How to Transfer Data From One External Hard Drive to Another." Small Business -, Accessed 03 June


Web Marketing Tool Good Examples of a Web Marketing Tool A web marketing tool (otherwise known as an internet marketing tool) is anything that you can use to enhance your internet marketing efforts and results. There are many such tools available these days as web marketing is becoming more and more of an essential process to all businesses.

A web marketing tool can be a website, a software program, an e-book, a course, a training program, a system, or even an expert who can guide you along the way. These tools range in price from completely free to very expensive. Choosing the right one depends on your business, the amount of time you have to invest, and the amount of money you can afford to spend on the tool, in addition to other aspects.

Web marketing can be comprised of many different marketing techniques, or it can consist of just one or two. This also depends on where you're at in your business. If you're just starting out, you should just stick with one part of the process until you fully understand that and have it working to your advantage. Then you can move onto the next area. Also when you are just starting out, you might be on a budget and focus on the free or low-cost tools. Here are a few examples of a web marketing tool that you will need, no matter what your business.
Must Have Web Marketing Tool Box
  First and foremost, you'll need a website. There are certain sites that will allow you to create one for free and teach you how to do it as well. There are some restrictions on features, but if you're just starting out, these will work fine until you're ready to move on to more advanced options.

When you are, you can get into all kinds of SEO software, systems, and consulting tools which will bring your website up in ranking. Second, you'll also want to look into autoresponders. There are some free versions of these as well. But you can get a much more reliable service by investing 15 to 30 dollars a month on an autoresponder. This is a crucial part of your business because it allows you to build a list of customers and potential customers and to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Some of the many autoresponders are GetResponse, ResponseMagic, AWeber, Oprius, and Icontact.

They capture the data of visitors to your website so that you can email them with news, special offers, and updates about your business.

Another key web marketing tool is the keyword research tool. Keywords are important no matter what kind of marketing you do, so having a good tool will help you zone in on the best keywords for your business. You can use any of the free keyword research tools offered by Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or you can invest in some other tools that are on the market.
Are you looking for good Internet home business ideas? Well, do you like to take pictures? If so, you have an online business staring you right in the face. There are always people, in many different walks of life, looking for good photographs. And, if you can provide them, you can turn a tidy profit.

Of course, how you go about making money with photography will depend on what your goals are. Do you want to just make a little extra money with your hobby? Or would you like it to become your career, the thing you actually do for a living? Either way, the Internet will give you an opportunity to reach your goals.

There was a time when becoming a professional photographer (someone who actually get paid to take pictures) was a challenge. It didn’t really matter how good you were. It was all about knowing the right people, being in the right place at the right time, and so on. But, thanks to the Internet, your dream of becoming a professional photographer can be reached in a matter of weeks. In fact, you can sell your first photograph in an hour or two. Especially if you submit your work to stock photo websites.

Stock photo websites are a bit like EBay. But instead of selling jewelry, or books, or pieces of furniture, you sell photographs. As I said before, there are always people in need of photos. Maybe they are writing a report for class, and think a vivid picture will help improve their grade. Maybe they are advertisers, who need a great photo to sell their latest product. Or they are creating a new website, and need a really interesting photo for their new design.

People in need of photographs often go to stock photo websites (like to find them. And, once they find a photo they like, they will pay a fee for the right to use it.

The great thing about internet home business ideas like this one is how fast you can start turning a profit. If you post really good photos to stock photo websites, you could make your first sale in a week or less.

The thing about stock photo websites, as opposed to trying to find photography work in other ways, is that you don’t need a resume as long as your arm, or two dozen references to be considered for a job. All you have to do is show that you can take a good picture.

Another great thing about submitting your work to stock photo websites is that it gives you exposure. These sites are frequented by people who need pictures on a regular basis. And, while they will go to such a website to find them, they often prefer working with photographers they feel they know and can trust. If they see and like your work on the stock photo website, they might contact you about doing some freelancing work for them. And, if you do a good job, they could end up hiring you again and again.

If you are looking for Internet home business ideas, why not consider turning your love of picture taking into a money-making venture? After all, what could be better than doing something you love and making money for it?
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Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing

To sell a product well, it is very important to use powerful selling words to really convey each and every little benefit that your product has to convince the customer. It is not uncommon to see words like “unbelievable” and “phenomenal” and something along those lines in really great salesletters.

However, there are some marketers who intentionally use hyped-up descriptions to sell off their products. These marketers mislead customers into thinking that their products offer benefits that do not really exist in reality. At this point, it would be appropriate to quote a story that really happened:

One evening, a fellow marketer in my MSN Messenger list messaged me to check out his newest salesletter for his product, an ebook on earning revenue with contextual advertisement. I logged on to his website and was drawn right into his sales copy! The reason was the salesletter dived right into my desires and promised that “everything I have ever wanted” can be obtained just by purchasing the said ebook and executing whatever is inside. The salesletter also made it seem that the author owns fleets of Mercedez Benz cars, luxurious mansions and private yachts.

 The problem was I know this particular marketer personally. He is actually a 17 year old high school graduate looking for a few quick bucks by selling a little ebook he compiled with information collected from various sources from the Internet. My emergency alarm immediately kicked in and I can just imagine how many naïve newbies can be fooled with the deceptive sales copy.

 The sad but very real fact is that there are many scam artists online, waiting to rip you off your hard-earned money. Hence, remember that the usual advice for consumers still apply online: use your common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Remember, when you intend to purchase something from the Internet, do a basic check-up on the merchant website. First and foremost, if you have even the slightest question on any of the features of the product mentioned, email the merchant regarding it and observe the attitude with which he/she replies. Customer support reveals a lot about the integrity of a business.

Finally, if you can't even find support email on their website, click the “Back” button and run away from the site at once!  

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How does this work? What is needed to become an energetic affiliate for this brand-new extremely lucrative device called Pure Take advantage of?

You should be an owner of these marketing system items, and let's merely say the mentoring the devices the fully loaded suite of marketing tools that they have actually come up with is worth its weight in gold! To come to be a reseller (affiliate) an extra cost is needed. This qualifies you and provides you direct access for all the marketing product for Pure Take advantage of, which allows you to gather ONE HUNDRED % in compensations month after month on any sort of sales you generate.

On month one, gather 100 % commission on any direct sales that you have actually generated. On month two and afterwards, gather 50 % compensations on all your direct sales. Collect 50 % of the total sales made by your direct sales. YES! This is the real kicker below. Permit's point out one of your direct sales, offers $1000 worth of Pure Using accounts. You will certainly gather 50 % of their general sale total after the first month of any one of their direct register. In this example you would certainly accumulate an additional $FIVE HUNDRED each month atop your routine commissions.

I have investigated this full device and have actually located that yes people are seeing extraordinary outcomes, however like anything else you acquire exactly what you put into it. Things is they really have made this Equipment Suite a no brainer and extremely simple to make use of, while offering you the possibility to cash in and set brand-new monetary objectives!

GVO has been around and using these methods to long to be in doubt and are not bent on produce hype based on absolutely nothing. Actual Products, real services and genuine huge money payouts put GVO and Pure Leverage in a league of their own. To obtain even more info on the in of this fantastic company and possibility kindly simply click on the Link Below.



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Learn how to master your websites design seo secrets & marketing and much more

The typical blogger are shouting out to be spoon fed by a leader. As a marketer, it is your task to take your site visitors by their hands and guide them towards taking the actions that you wish them to take.

The benefit is, we online marketers know this effectively. Hence among the most well-known advertising methods that we see being used today is call to activities. Humans are not susceptible to act rather the typical human have to be lead into acting. This clarifies why using telephone call to actions has actually been seeing wonderful outcomes throughout the record of advertising and marketing.

It is secure to say that decision to activity is almost as vital as your headline. Your sales heading is just what gets your average customer to start and review your sales message and your telephone call to activity goes to the very end of your sales message to obtain them to really react. Where there is a strong beginning we need to constantly end it with a solid ending and there is no much better device to obtain the task done compared to an easy yet efficient telephone call to action. Why do we really need telephone call to action? Among the most obvious reasons why we need to utilize phone call to activities is that we wish to make certain that the site visitors understand exactly what to do following.

That is why phone call to actions is typically extremely detailed in exactly what the individuals should do next. For instance you will certainly utilize a telephone call to activity that claims 'Click on this link now to get a duplicate of my extensive ... prior to it's too late'.

We could see clearly right here that decision to activity actually has a sense of seriousness to it too. The even more precise and clear your call to activity is the better response you will be able to receive from it. Beware not to make use of confusing call to activity. The additional basic it is the much better since we do not wish to get any person puzzled with exactly what to do. Without a call to action, most of the moment people will simply move with ease and online the intuitive 'x' button is merely one click away. As a result make sure you constantly have a good telephone call to action to avoid individuals from closing your website with ease.

Where should you put your call to action? There are a lot of areas you can utilize a call to action. The brief answer to this question is that you will wish to make use of a call to action whenever you desire someone to do a particular job on your web site, blog site, sales letter or emails. You will certainly use phone call to action when you want individuals to register for your e-newsletter. An example to get individuals to subscribe is to utilize a phone call of action that sound like this 'Merely complete your label and email address here on the white box and we will deliver you this splendid present as soon as possible'. Take extra note of all the details on decision to action.

Considering that they are called for to fill in both their label and email address in the opt-in form to subscribe, we will discuss it on the call to activity. Some call to actions is shorter and some are much longer. Whether it is lengthy or brief, it should be accurate and reasonable for the website visitors. If you have a blog site and not offering anything on your post, you must always finish your blog with a phone call to activity to obtain them to read through even more of your various other blog posts or get them to sign up for your website's newsletter or and so on. This is so that they do not just make use of the close button and leave your internet site.

If you do not supply a course for the visitors to move on to, you are basically leaving your blog site visitors hanging and not understanding what to do. Hence, try to utilize an excellent call to activity at the end of your blog to direct them to additional excellent content or obtain them to leave their contacts to ensure that you could reach them once again in the future. If you want your visitors to call you directly to read more, you need to provide them where to do it and how to do it. All these details do make a difference. Imagine on your own in the shoes of a website visitor that is desperate for support to fix their problem.

They will arrive on your site in a panic and in their search for assistance, they will swiftly go on to the following web site if they can not figure your internet site out. Nevertheless, if you put a huge button that claims ... 'Required Aid? Click on this link to contact us now!', the site visitor will certainly know exactly just what to do and call you via your support type or phone contact that you supply on your internet site. On a sales letter, you will should make use of a sturdy telephone call to action to shut your sales each time your visitor reaches the end of your sales letter.

Permit them understand that they are in great hands and that their purchase is safe and afterwards slap them with a definite telephone call to activity that goes 'Do not hesitate anymore, get yourself a duplicate of Product X now by clicking on this BLUE button below. Do not stress because your investment is protected and shielded by our money back assure'. Note that not just are you revealing them how to purchase, you are likewise reassuring them that they are not making a mistake. When utilized correctly, a solitary phone call to action could make a huge difference to your advertising efforts.

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Marketing Viral Video Software

Marketing Viral Video

Creating And Packaging Your Own Info Product Can Be A Very Slow And Frustrating Process - That’s Why, We Get You Started And Making Money Online By Simply Distributing Someone Else’s E-product. In This Way You Have Not Only A Product To Attract Subscribers Into Your List -right From The Outset, But One That Will Also Help You Build An Ongoing Relationship With Your Subscribers.
This Is The Key To Making Money On The Internet.  Here’s How It Works:
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1. Enlist Your Subscribers
Over And Over Again We Hear That There Are No Quick Ways To Make Money, And Certainly No Easy Ways To Make Money. That’s Pure Nonsense; It’s The Mantra Of Failed Entrepreneurs. At Loyaltepays We Have A Different Mantra: There Are No Quick Ways To Make Money Without Loyal Subscribers. Your Subscriber List Is The Engine That Will Drive Your Online Business And Fuel Its Growth. Heide Holtz In Her Ebook: Get Paid To Build Your Business, Gives You Very Detailed Step-by-step Instructions For Rapidly Building A Subscriber List. If You Follow These, You’ll Have A Loyal Following Within Days.

The Key Is To Find An Information Product That Is Perfectly Suited For The Niche You’ve Chosen To Build Your Business. Here At Loyaltepays You'll Find An Ever Growing Library Of High Quality Ebooks, Pdf Reports, Video Tutorials, Webinars You Can Simply Rebrand, Give Away To Your Subscribers And Use To Build Your Own Business.

2. Rebrand And Share
Heide’s Brilliantly Simple Rebranding Tools Make It Easy To Insert Your Own Affiliate Links Into Any E-product. Once Your Links Are Embedded In The E-product You've Chosen It's Ready To Make Money For You Over And Over Again. You’ve Matched The E-product To Your Own Niche And Therefore To Your Subscribers, So They Are Going To Be Enthusiastic About This Free -useful- Content You Are Now Sharing With Them. Every E-product On Loyaltepays Comes With A Invitation For Your Subscribers To Get Paid To Share It. Good Information Is Shared Over The Internet All The Time. Our Get Paid To Share Feature Just Gives Your Subscribers That Extra Incentive So They’ll Want To Share It Even More With All Their Friends On Facebook, Twitter Followers, Linked-in Business Connections And Any Other Social Or Professional Network They Use, Right Away.

3. Dollars From Heaven As Soon As Your Subscribers Respond (click-on) The Invitation To Get Paid To Share They Are Sent To Where They Get Instant Access To The Rebrander Tool That Will Allow Them To Rebrand The E-product They Just Received From You, It Is In This Instant That You Earn $1 Loyalty Reward. And That Happens With Every Free Referral. Video has come to be an advertising device of selection in the online marketing industry. These days virtually every website marketing or selling an item showcases an online video. They have become a very popular medium for presenting details on the Internet. However, lots of find it difficult to drive website traffic to their online videos. There are a lot of various methods to steer traffic to a webpage, yet a few effective ones for videos ...

This post is about a device that will certainly permit you to transform your videos to viral and drive a lot more website traffic to them quickly! This online tool permits you to add a message to your online videos that viewers will have to tweet to be able to watch the remainder of them. You even get to select specifically when the message appears! This is a win-win situation: viewers reach watch the other online video and your video obtains more quality traffic from the viral result. With ViralVideo, you can viralize a video clip in under a min. All you have to do is to paste the video URL, put the message you intend to be tweeted and copy the code to add the online video to your site or blog site! ViralVideo also comes with a marketing program so you can show your ads on individuals's video clip pages, along with an associate program with 60 % commissions!

You additionally obtain access to video post statistics so you can see how well your online videos do. ViralVideo is an essential device for everybody using online videos as advertising and marketing materials ... which is basically everybody in the online advertising and marketing market. Envision your videos transforming viral and being viewed by hundreds and even thousands more individuals by doing an activity that takes no more than a min! Exactly what are you awaiting? Join now and viralize your videos today! For more viral web traffic and views ...


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Facebook is indeed permeating into the lives of millions of consumers today regardless of their gender, age, profession or background. The progressive technologies present around the world empower consumers worldwide with a quick, if not immediate, access to the desired information and resources at their fingertips.

Businesses today are catching on the benefits of Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services while establishing their brand as market leaders with a high premier image. Ordinary consumers and businesses are updating Facebook accounts constantly with Twitter tweets sent from anywhere at any time to update one another on their location, activity and news.

New business power

These social networking sites are proving to be dynamic marketing tools for any smart business indulging into them. The business is always connected to a host of relevant and premier networks for a greater web presence on the Internet. The business image is greatly enhanced across the globe without any cost to the company. Great ideas shared on these social media platforms boost the company’s image and market position as innovative market leaders.

A greater audience is reached with a higher conversion rate for them as potential leads as most of these consumers can access Facebook and Twitter using their smart mobile phones that have WI-Fi features. Businesses can send off promotional items and cost savings offers to their long list of consumers quickly and cost effectively.

Facebook enjoys a huge membership of half a million at the last count in 2012. These are active online members who use Facebook daily with a lot of content shared. Local businesses are jumping onto this bandwagon to market themselves to an easily available consumer market without much effort.

Twitter also allows innovative and determined businesses to grow their follower base like the social media platform. With one billion users registered on Twitter, it is not hard to see why local businesses want a slice of the pie of the consumer market. Third party applications make up 75% of traffic on Twitter which shows the heavy activities businesses are indulging to secure potential leads.

Approaches to riding on Facebook and Twitter

Modern businesses are discovering a heap of benefits riding on Facebook and Twitter as these are cost effective marketing measures to boost page ranks, sales and bottom lines. However, businesses do have to play their roles proactively to capitalize on these social media networking sites’ features for their own benefit.

Firstly, there must be a contemporary profile page of the business that is regularly maintained and updated with the latest information to help users identify the company and become loyal followers. An attractive and impressive profile page boosts the image and branding of the business identity and reputation. Relevant and interesting content about the business can be included in the profile page to help users be more familiar with the business enterprise.

Next, smart business enterprises that capitalize on Facebook and Twitter can build up their virtual personality or reputation by sharing great ideas related to their business services or products that would impress web readers. These postings would set tongues wagging with compliments and greater curiosity to discover more about the concepts or benefits implied.

High quality content posted by business enterprises on Facebook or Twitter regardless of their size and industry can be very effective in reaching and impacting a wide audience in a matter of seconds. Feedback can be received spontaneously to help the business enterprise improve their content or marketing campaigns to be even more impactful as well as bring in lucrative outcomes.

A good piece of content would bring about a wide range of positive reactions and responses. A provocative piece of content would induce diversified feedback and comment that reflects the web readers’ thoughts, feelings and preferences. These can be manipulated to the enterprise’s favor although extreme professional care must be exercised in provocative issues which can bring a backlash on the company.

Thirdly, a growing client base is possible when an enterprise keeps close pace with Facebook and Twitter. The growing memberships of these social media networking sites are bound to overflow to business enterprises that capitalize on them in one way or another. These business enterprises not only enjoy a large client base; these are international clients from across the world with potentially high purchasing power.
Such social media sites prove to be a powerful online marketing tool for any business as they are self-sustaining with little or no investment costs. This marketing tool can be enjoyed by the business over the next few years as technology continues to evolve to offer something more dynamic. Facebook and Twitter open a door of business opportunities to their huge memberships where followers readily identify the brand and related services or products.

Last but not least, a successful enterprise that hopes to enjoy its business success continuously must have a solid Facebook online marketing strategy or campaign; even if it may not be foolproof. As the saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” It is imperative for ambitious business enterprises to adopt an online marketing plan that involves Facebook or any other social media platform to benefit the company as much as possible in as short a time frame as possible.


Simple responses such as clicking the ‘Like’ button on the business enterprise’s webpage can boost the page rank by top search enginesThere are plenty of social media marketing gurus, applications and solutions in the market to assist businesses of all sizes and industries to get a win on social media marketing. A myriad of tools and resources can be procured in the market or on the Internet to be applied for quick benefits to be displayed. Interesting and new online marketing techniques and skills are available for adoption by SEO experts. Creative marketing strategies are offered to businesses to boost their bottom lines and image in the market.

Simple responses such as clicking the ‘Like’ button on the business enterprise’s webpage can boost the page rank by top search engines when the number of ‘Likes’ reaches a certain figure. Business enterprises that make this smart move to ride on Facebook and Twitter have no regrets over their decision with a healthier bottom line facing them.
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