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Many people confuse tags with keywords and it is no surprise as it can be quite confusing.

Lesson # 1: A tag is NOT a keyword ... A tag is a categorization system used to organize information within a network (or blog).

Lesson # 2: Do not attempt to stuff keywords into tags or you'll shoot yourself in the foot. Tags should be no more than 3 words in length... It is actually better to have 1 word tags as most networks categorize 95% of their content under 1 word tags.


Let's say that you have a new article you want to promote though Synnd...

That article is about "Labrador Retriever clicker training"

This is also the key term you would like to "rank for" in the search engines. To rank for this term be sure to include it in your META title and META description and also mention the term naturally throughout the body of your content. You may include this term as a tag on your own blog which can be beneficial but don't force it on the social networks.

When it comes time to add the campaign to Synnd you DO NOT want to enter this key term as a tag... Remember... Keywords are NOT tags and tags ARE NOT keywords.

So how should I tag this?

You want to include 1 word tags (ideally) that contain "trigger" terms that would pull up your content if someone were to "search" for it within the social networks.

For example...

I want my "Labrador Retriever clicker training" article to appear whenever someone searches for the following terms:

dog, clicker, training, labrador, retriever, lab

Some people may search your term exactly "Labrador Retriever clicker training"

Most will enter variations of the term like:

lab, labrador training, how to train a labrador with a clicker, etc.

If you enter 1 word triggers then your content will come up no matter what they query. So if you want your content to come up no matter what then enter tags like:

dog, clicker, training, labrador, retriever, lab, train, dog training, clicker training, etc.

The solution starts with syndication. Synnd will show you how

DO NOT try to stuff your keywords in the tag field or you will have problems not only with Synnd quality control but in the networks as well...

They actively watch for people trying to stuff keywords in tags and they do consider it to be spam. They consider it spam because tags are a way to categorize content so it can be found easily within their network. Tags are not a way to gain a boost in the search engines by stuffing keywords.

Feel free to use keyword driven tags on your own blog but don't do it in the social networks and don't do it in Synnd.

Content syndication may very well bring traffic flowing back to your site in massive waves but how do your landing content syndication pages receive that traffic?  Even if you think that you have a strong sales message and a great opening hook, you need to question whether or not you’re really reducing the friction and anxiety of your prospects when they hit your landing page. 

Content syndication can bring the rain but it’s up to you to make sure the crops grow.

This article takes a look at the importance of Onsite SEO Optimization and how the search engines are changing It’s no longer just META tags
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