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Tom is an author and publisher of ebooks and articles on affiliate and article marketing. You can get his FREE course on Affiliate Training Here or visit his home website.

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ClickBank Starter Super Tips

Snippet From Chapter 4. How to multiply your sales Without doubt there is one method of selling any item which surpasses all Here's how it works

-A customer arrives at a site because he has a problem, question or need related to the product offered at that site.

-Instead of charging in for the sale why not 'presell' him first with a free book which provides authoritative and valuable information to answer his need, building up his enthusiasm and narrowing down his options so that by the time he reaches the end of the book he is already persuaded to click through to that site and place the order.

All it needs is for the book to be rebranded with your affiliate link.

Now if you thought that rebranding involved downloading a rebranding package, running the rebrander tool, entering your personalised information, uploading the resultant file to your site (if you have one) and creating a download page then you are going to be pleasantly shocked.

There is a special technique which avoids all of that. You simply hand out a link. Nothing else. When the customer clicks on it he visits the download page and retrieves the latest copy of the book rebranded on-the-fly with your affiliate information.

Want to see an example of such a book right now ?

ClickBank Starter SuperTips
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