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Trond Lyngbø

As a web marketer, I can tell you the next big movement on the web is social media. You can’t ignore the details included in this ebook called Power Social Media Marketing. I recommend this book for both internet professionals and newbies trying to Make Money Online.

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The most successful people in social media or in any business realize that they need to cater to these three things that people crave. Are there any guidelines? How does that really work for us? You need to evaluate your content. Is this educating anybody? Is this enlightening anybody as to a new possibility or a solution for a problem? Does it entertain the reader?

If it doesn’t do any of those 3 essential things, then your content is probably not going to get crowd sourced (shared by others). And crowd sourcing is the key, because that is what aggregates your content automatically to the far reaches of the social sphere, through other people. So as long as you’re paying attention to those 3 E’s, you’ll do just fine. You’ll achieve high search engine visibility (and rankings) by simply creating content (text, audio, video) that follows the 3 E’s.

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