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Yasser Khodier

If you are tired of all the information overload going on all over the web, tired of all the gurus, " fix it quick " crowd, and you are willing to do the work and want to achieve excellence in business, you may want to consider joining us at

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Project Management Tools

Show clients all your efforts. When you need to master something you go through 3 stages: 1- You have a desire to do something 2- You learn the theory concerning this topic 3- You apply using tools you learned

Regarding to quality tools you do the same process, but the main question is what tool I can use in particular situation, do I need to use all the tools Show clients all your efforts.

They will appreciate what you do. If they are spending money, you owe it to your clients to show them exactly what you are doing for them. Clients will be more respectful of what you do and appreciate you more. If you have systems in place this will not be a challenge.

Lastly - Refining your processes. Optimize and improve your processes. Don’t get distracted.

Focus on improving your business processes and measuring what is working and what is not.
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