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Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Fluid Creativity, a supplier of web design Manchester, UK.

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How To Create eMail Course

One of the best ways to increase your email marketing list is to offer a completely free course that both teaches your target customer base something they need to know and sells your product or service at the same time

This works well in building both your customer base and loyalty to your company as people will sign up, giving you their email address, and make you more recognisable through a regular delivery of emails to their inbox

You’re going to discover how to use closely-guarded, proven secrets to generate endless targeted, responsive traffic. Traffic that is interested in YOUR offer, people who are willing and eager to buy what you’re offering because it’s EXACTLY what they’ve been looking for.

This is a massive traffic training with over 50 videos teaching you how to get traffic from social media like Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc, traffic from press release, traffic from Facebook advertising and many more.

You’ll learn:
create email course


Online Marketing Today

It doesn't matter what industry you are involved with as email marketing campaigns will always be an effective way of promoting your products and services. As the recession and poor economic climate shows no sign of letting up they are especially important as a cost effective marketing solution. There are of course other means of promoting your business and the advantages and disadvantages of this advertising method must be weighed up against other marketing methods. If used well you will find that it can enhance your reputation as well as your sales. On the other hand if used inappropriately you may find that it can compromise the relationship with your clients and customers entirely.
 What is a Video Sketch Maker? It's a text to speech whiteboard video software that includes high quality voices (male and female voices included in the software). This software will allow anyone to create high quality whiteboard/sketch videos in minutes.

It works on MAC and PC! (Adobe Air). Why you should get Video Sketch Maker: We all know that Whiteboard Sketch Videos are one of the best marketing tools to promote, explain or sell any product or service.

You need a complete tool that allow you to get what you want fast! It does not make any sense to create a fantastic video if there is not a human voice included on the video that can help you communicate your message better than a few animations and a simple music background...(Maybe mute movies worked 100 years ago ...not anymore!)

You need a complete solution that delivers a high quality Whiteboard Video plus a Human Sounding Voice Over, you need a video that relates to humans, that reaches almost all their senses and that helps you get conversions!

Other software only allow you to create sketch videos with music, with Video Sketch Maker you can get high quality attention-grabber videos because they include: Video + Music + Voice Over (Male & Female Voices included in the software)!

Text To Voice Whiteboard Video Maker Software. Create amazing text to speech sketch videos

5 Best Free Marketing Tools

Launching a new product to your customers and potential customers requires meticulous planning and execution Here are some ideas to get you started Every website owner should at least know the very basics of SEO. Not only for the sole purpose of ranking or gaining the search engine's favor, because the underlying essence of SEO is all about improving a web visitor's experience.

And if you do follow the proper guidelines, you are going to make both your visitors AND the search engines very happy. It's a win-win situation right there. Think of SEO as a guideline on how to build your site for the perfect user experience. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression to your first-time visitors, so if you want to keep coming back, make the first and lasting impression... a good one.

Plus, by knowing and understanding the basics of SEO, you will know what NOT to do and avoid any black hat methods which you might not be aware of before.

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Best Free Marketing Tools

Continued Content Generation Success

Your Continued Content Generation Success Solve your biggest blogging problem – generating high-quality content time and time again – with the web’s premier content curation software

As a blogger your biggest challenge is to generate refreshing and popular content, post after post after post.  It gets tiring and soon you hit a block.  There is only so much original content that you can put out.  Now with Curation.

Then you can churn out enriched, refreshing and Google-friendly content by curating the best content from 18 major sources such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
Checkout more details on Curation Software Here
Think again!!! 9 out of 10 bloggers say their biggest pain is creating refreshing content day-in and day-out or week-in and week-out and battling writer's block.

The Covert Player An Essential Tool

With the advent of websites such as YouTube, video marketing has gained more and more popularity amongst advertisers With the attention span of internet users being so short it is hardly surprising that most people would prefer to watch a short, snappy video than read a 'lengthy' print advert

The original idea came to me one day when I was watching some videos on’s website. If you click on this link you can see on the lThe videos are seamless and fully integrated into the website. This is great for viewers perspective,The Covert Player is unlike any other video player on the market. The original idea came to me one day when I was watching some videos on’s website.

If you can see on the left sidebar some thumbnails of videos, that when you click on them they open and close…without losing the text. The videos are seamless and fully integrated into the website.

This is great for viewers perspective, as well as from a seo perspective since it allows you to put more text on your pages and posts.
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