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Fresh Tracks is an innovative team building and development company that’s been providing innovative solutions for team development for some of Europe's most forward-thinking organisations. They provide conference organisers for staff conferences, team building activities, corporate team development, staff development programmes motivational events, facilitation and evening entertainment - with the focus aimed on supplying your team or organisation with an event that benefits your staff, helps them recognise their strengths and keeps them motivated. For more information visit:

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Teesside Property Solutions Ltd
Teesside Property Solutions Ltd. is an innovative property company with an exceptional track record in delivering imaginative quality schemes across Teesside.
Help to educate you on what exactly an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is. Watch this video to understand exactly what your paying for Interest Rates on your Mortgage. What can effect your APR? The annual cost of borrowing money expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. This includes the interest rate and the fees attached to the loan.

Explains how simple Annual Percentage Rate is and why you want low or 0% APR when you borrow money. What the fico, what is a fico score, phaat fico, phat fico. what is a credit score. What is APR. APR for car loan, APR on credit cards and home loans.

What is APR? How is it calculated?

Annual percentage yield, or effective annual yield, is a rate that provides a percentage amount of growth. Discover how much an account has grown over a given year with lessons from a math teacher in this free video on math calculations for daily life. This method is used to calculate APRs in the EU and UK is different from that used in the U.S. and will often produce different (higher) results. This is because the U.S. method (regulation "Z" found on the federal truth in lending statement) produces what would, in the UK, be called a nominal annual rate whereas the UK/EU method results in an effective annual rate.

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