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Warren Miller

Warren Miller is the lead marketing consultant for Lazer Promotions - a 'new media' marketing agency that delivers customized solutions through new technologies. They just launched the Lazer Alliance membership club to help businesses to get ahead online, featuring marketing tools, one-on-one consulting and more. Their blog is updated daily with essential business advice.

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On a theoretical level, marketing is often defined under 4 heads – known in certain circles as 'the 4Ps' These essential marketing elements usually need to be intermingled within an online framework to deliver a complete, return-driven, focused marketing campaign on an ongoing basis

Be honest and stay focused

The lure of quick money is always lurking on the Internet. There are many ways to make money online but none of those are fast or easy. Even with the serious offers, it is not always possible to earn vasts amount of money. These schemes are often referred to as “Bright Shiny Objects” and are a constant distraction for people trying to make genuine money online.

The person who wants to be successful with his blog over a long time,should always ask what medium and long-term activities need done to generate sources of income. In the main this is writing about information on your topic and also writing honest product reviews. You should also be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you would think about the product and then inform your visitors. In this way you do not lose the laboriously built up trust with your reader.

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