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Many people get intimidated by just hearing business computer internet marketing online because of how complex it sounds The truth is that when people really get to know all the details that they need to know about this new line of business, they will even realize that having a business in real life is a lot more complicated than it is online

Driving Traffic, Viral Exposure, Opt-ins & SEO Using Automatic Social Signals

Content Management Systems – PLR Social Signal Building Social Media Science announces the development of Content Management Systems – PLR , a powerful Social Media technology that widens the reach and extends the lifespan of your content. While our competitors might advertise their ability to generate Social Media Interest, and may even distribute their content to a select number of social networks, Content Management Systems – PLR goes far beyond this by guaranteeing a defined number

I promise, you do not want to miss this webinar... You don't want to miss this special event, we promise this is cutting edge information that has never been presented before! We will discuss the MEGA SHIFT the search engines (especially Google) have made in looking at Social Signals as a MAJOR ranking factor.

Danny Sullivan Asked Google, "If an article is re-tweeted or referenced much in Twitter, do you count that as a signal outside of finding any non-nofollowed links that may naturally result from it?

Google Said "Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings." Not only is Google watching signals from Twitter, they are looking at a wide variety of social network signals as an indicator. They even created their own social signal called Google Plus One (+1).

This webinar is all about Driving Traffic, Viral Exposure, Opt-ins & SEO Using Automatic Social Signals. You DO NOT want to miss this.

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Here is the gist of what I say in the video:

   1. Focus on understanding the business you’re going to implement. Understand the process and the steps. Don’t be the one to do the work (Outsource it)
   2. Don’t worry about building a list, creating one-time-offers, upsells, downsells, or continuity. Focus on making the first sale. All the rest of the “you have to do this” stuff can come later. In the beginning, the money is NOT “in the list.”
   3. Make your website have one purpose. (Hint: it’s not to get them to friend you on facebook or follow you on twitter) MAKE SALES on your website. That’s the only purpose.
   4. Find out what your market wants to BUY, not just what they WANT.
   5. Get traffic to your website (refer to this post about My
      websites aren’t making money, what do I do for a traffic generation plan.
   6. Follow a plan. You’ve already bought someone’s product for how to make money, now stick with it! Follow the steps…after you understand them.
   7. Outsource it all. DON’T be the one doing all the work. Be the CEO of your business. Learn to outsource at

The marketing aspect of an online business is crucial to its success In marketing for online business, it is necessary to know ideas that will make your marketing strategies useful

The effectiveness of a marketing strategy can be very influential for your business.

Splish Splash, I Was Takin' a Bath One of the very important lessons I taught at the seminar was one that I learned from the late Bobby Darin, a popular singer of the '50s. It was the story of how Bobby Darin became famous. Darin was a young singer in New York who, for a long time, tried unsuccessfully to break into the music business. He would go from record company to record company trying to convince them to make an album of him singing popular but old songs. He was rejected. First, nobody believed that the music industry would accept old pop tunes from an unknown young singer.

Second, the hot music at the time was good old rock and roll sung by black artists and called the Motown sound. Darin was quite frustrated, so he took things into his own hands. Did he cut his own album by himself? No. Did he convince a record company to record him? Yes, but not in the way you would think. He simply sat down and wrote a tune that fitted or harmonized with what the public was buying at the time. The tune he wrote was called "Splish Splash" and the words started out, "Splish splash, I was takin' a bath/ 'Round about a Saturday night." It went on to tell a story about what happened when he took that bath. The song was good old Motown rock and roll and he easily sold this music to a record company, which recorded it with Darin singing the lead. "Splish Splash" became a smash hit and sold millions of copies. In the recording, he even sounded like a black Motown recording artist.

Darin recognized what the market wanted and was buying at the time and he created something that harmonized perfectly with that market, even though his song was far from the music that was in his heart. He made the practical choice to put aside his desires, put aside his ego and goals, and just cut a record that would sell and earn him the recognition he needed to record the type of music he really wanted to record. Despite the hit record, which became a million seller, he still couldn't interest any record company in recording him for a pop album. So he took all his earnings from the success of "Splish Splash" and made the album himself.

One of the hits he recorded was an old song called "Mack the Knife." Not only was his album a smash hit, but "Mack the Knife" became a multimillion-selling single throughout the world. Bobby Darin went on to be known not for "Splish Splash" but for the music he loved best—popular jazz oldies. There are many lessons to be learned from this one example. First, realize that often you must go with the established way of doing things in order to accomplish your goals.

You've got to pattern yourself with what is working and then harmonize with the marketplace. Once you have an established reputation, it's easier to try something different that you yourself want to do.

Mass Delusion and Other Good Marketing Ideas
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