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It is very difficult to for you to fully understand the process when it is simplified down to this size so..... I have created a Free eBook just for you called "Create Your First Website by 3 45" It is a Step by Step Guide with screen shots and Video tutorials and it is absolutely free, just visit my website to download it!!!

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WP Instant Site Plugin

WP Instant Site, quick WP site setupMake a Web Page is an article where you will learn how to make your own web page This step by step guide will show you the process of how it is possible for just about anyone to be able to make their own web page or

Get Your WordPress Site Completed in Just a Few Clicks – Don’t Spend Hours on Something that Can be Finished in the Blink of an Eye Why time setting up your WordPress sites? Well, I have spent my fair share of time fluffing around with the whole procedure, thank you very much.

I can honestly say that it is not my favorite activity in the world (it doesn’t even come close). I am not sure about the exact time on average that it takes to set up a WordPress site, but for all its goodness, Wordpress still takes a heap of time to get right.

Here is a list of some of the things that you can do with WP Install:

WP Instant Site, quick WP site setup
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