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Richard Thompson

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI),, has been publishing direct-response copywriting and graphic design home-study programs since 1997.

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Your website needs more content You don't have the resources in house to get it all done quickly and efficiently So, knowing that, how do get more traffic? It's simple:

1. Make sure you are promoting your online presence in all your offline promotional materials.
2. Get lots of people to link to you, and lots of people to send out emails with your link in it.
3. Get a top position in the search engines.

The Art of Working Once But Getting Paid Time and Time AgainHmm. Simple, but not easy. Just how do you achieve #2 and #3 without spending heaps of cash or getting banned by the search engines? To understand this, we need to understand how the search engines work. Again, it is much simpler than people make out. Search engines want lots of people to use them.

To achieve that, they strive to deliver relevant and up-to-date content to people who search through them. But how do they determine what is relevant to each search? There are only two ways they can do that:
So, unless you don’t have an online presence at all, isn’t it time your harnessed this power for your own business? Click here to start DOMINATING the search engines now!

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