If you have an MLM business the success of your MLM gurus is taunting you all the time. Everywhere you look you are enticed with their success, glory and lifestyle as the epitome of MLM success.

MLM success is marketed as a destination – you can have this lifestyle, you can have a 6 figure income, you can have this status…. Just keep working harder and keep doing what we tell you! But following this advice and chasing the ‘carrot’ without assessing what MLM success is for your business will only make your upline a lot of money and you could end up broke.

What MLM Success Is Not

MLM Success is not a destination, it is a journey that is paved with the cobblestones of failure. Western culture is very good at marketing the successful, the fittest and the wealthiest. Who hears of the failures people may have struggled through to get where they are today? No one. So, we are led to believe that MLM success is a destination paved with gold. But let’s set the record straight and define success and failure.

The Only Failure That Doesn’t Lead To Success Is the One That Makes You Stop

MLM Success is a journey and failure is part of the success process. It is important to understand that the only real failure is the one that causes you to stop. Unfortunately in network marketing this is the one thing 95% of owners do that guarantees their failure because they misunderstand the definition of MLM success.

Too many people define failure as defeat. But defeat is not the same as failure. Defeat is when you stop, when you give up. Failure is not the problem, defeat is.

Failure Is Part Of The MLM Success Process

The human species learns through the processes of failure. Failure is part of the success process – failure determines what works. We experiment to eliminate what doesn’t work and then learn from the elimination process.

Look at how a child learns to walk. They go through a process of getting up and falling over for days, weeks and maybe months. They end up with bruises and scrapes and there are tears and also joy at every step achieved. But do they at any point give up and say… “That’s it…it’s too hard…I’m never going to be able to walk!” No, of course not, they keep persevering until they succeed.

The MLM success you seek is as an entrepreneur not as an employee. Therefore, you need to work on your skills and mind set and think like a business owner. You need to be focused on delivering what your customers want, need and desire. Don’t be in a hurry to make lots of money. Success is always moving. Create momentum by taking baby steps. All the great millionaires took years to get to the top. It didn’t just happen overnight. Put your MLM business in momentum phase and write down your progressive steps to MLM success.

MLM Success Must Be Based In Reality

MLM success must be based in reality. Let’s say my dream is $10,000 per week. But for reality’s sake I will know that I am succeeding when I reach $500 per week, $25,000 per year which is a progressive goal. This is my baseline of success. What skill set, confidence do I have to reach my baseline goal? What skills do I need to develop to reach this goal?

Then take the baby steps needed to reach your goal. Learn to crawl before you walk. If you don’t focus on the small steps you will become disillusioned with not reaching the big dreams. So cut it down to bite sized pieces so you don’t quit.

Once I have reached my baseline goal of $500 a week, it builds confidence and I can then build up to another baseline goal. Confidence is the key to MLM success. Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. We are not chasing a ‘carrot’, we are chasing confidence. Your baseline for MLM success is more important than the target. Take whatever time is needed to grow that fortune.

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