The process of optimization of keywords is most essential to ease the searching operation. You should use important key phrases to help in searching. Almost all the websites use this technology of optimization of keywords in searching. Google and other sites also use this technology. Every owners should use this in searching technology. This article helps you to know how to optimize your website for keywords.

The very first step is to choose the important keywords which should be used in the particular site. You can also use the help of Google for using the prime tools available to be used in that particular site. You should have a clear understanding of the content and the key phrases to be used in the particular site. Google search and Google ad words are the widely used tools provided by Google

First you will see the usage of Google ad words tool. This tool is used for the correct usage of all important keywords and key phrases to be used in the context. For this you should have a clear understanding of the context. The number of searches made with the help of this tool will also be provided in this ad word tool.

Next you will see about the Google search tool. This is used particularly for buying the most important phrases and keywords to be used in the context. Even if you are not in an idea to buy any keywords this will be more favoured to you in choosing the prime phrases and keywords used in the context. This will be more useful because people can easily use this keywords for searching the relevant topic.

The next step after deciding the keywords is using them in the appropriate context . you should use all the keywords in the most important places like headings and tag lines. You should always repeat the key phrases and words used in the context because it will be easy for the search engine to find the searches made by the users. Hence repetition of keywords is an important thing in this process. The process will be more simple if you repeat all the keywords.

In the previous cases you lear'nt about using keywords in all the tags and headings. But it is also required that you should use the key phrases in all the pages so that the process will become even more simple. You should repeat the key phrases in all the pages and all the files so that recognising will be more easy. You should also see that the key phrases should be relevant to all the pages and files. This process of optimization does not end. You should update it with the key words and key phrases when any content is added to the already saved web page. Thus optimization is very essential when you add a new content 
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Thus you know by using key words you can ease the process of searching and the above article shows how to optimize your website for keywords