One-way links refer to links that are not reciprocal or unidirectional links. It is also called incoming or inbound link, since your site is linked from other sites but other sites are not linked from your site.

This is the best way to achieve a good Search Engine rank and your page will be listed in the top results for a long time (provided you have quality in-links). This article explains the importance of in-links and the advantages of having good number of one way links.

The following are the important facts that make inbound links so popular

BIG traffic = NO linkbulding? - watch this* Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc consider a website as a quality website if it has good number of quality inbound links and place such sites in the top of their search results. Of course, it is not a number related game. If you have just 10 links and other site of similar niche with 1000 links, your site can still come in the top search results.
The deciding factor is the quality of the link and not the quantity. Incoming links coming from similar type of website is considered as high quality links by the search engines.

* There is no need of linking back to another site. Reciprocal links are considered bad by the search engines.

* Another advantage of inbound linking is that the link is considered genuine. The owner of the site who links to your site, considers the content is helpful to his/her site visitors.

* Unlike reciprocal links, One-way links stay in place for longer period and hence your site will be in the same position for longer time. Reciprocal links are removed or exchanged frequently which does not serve the purpose.

A one-way link is mainly used by webmasters for making links to their websites more effectively and quickly. This is mainly a hyperlink, which is directed to a website without having any reciprocal link. That is one of the reasons this link goes only in a single direction. Inbound Links or Incoming Links are some of the other names, which are given to a one-way link.

Normal links are easily obtained compared to a one-way link or also called non-reciprocal links. A search engine ranking will improve depending entirely on the number of one-way links a person is having directed toward their website.

Another important use of building a one-way link is that it sends powerful messages to the search engines as well they can increase your popularity and the number of pages linked to your site. When ranking a particular website, the main criteria considered by search engines like Google is the popularity of the link. There are also options for receiving and directing the traffic to a person’s site mainly from those who click on the respective links.

There are millions of website and it is difficult to get a site in the top position of search engines result. However, with back linking, you can guarantee that good number website users will notice your site.