"The technology used is like none other on the market. "
Statistics say; of YouTube’s  1 billion views each day, approximately 90% of it comes from 10% of its users.
JumpStart is a revolutionary program that sends real untargeted traffic to your videos to increase its views and improve your videos rankings.

Any expert marketer knows, a video on YouTube is worthless without views, as it will rank lower and end up being on the last page of search results.

Unlike previous software to increase views, JumpStart does NOT require you to leave your computer on while it sends traffic to your videos! It is not a "bot" and does not violate YouTube's Terms of Service.

More views will increase targeted and natural search traffic to your videos from both YouTube and many top tier search engines.
JumpStart is the software every YouTube marketer has been waiting for. People want their videos viewed and JumpStart is able to provide them with plenty every second! With the use of JumpStart, many will achieve their goals in a more timely fashion while becoming noticed a lot faster.

Any YouTube guru knows how important views are to improve search rankings, obtaining natural views and overall profit.
JumpStart's no proxy, no bot, no auto-refresh viewing method has never been implemented before. AM Development is a dedicated software engineering company based in Western Canada. It is operated by many top graduate students from UBC and UofA.

AM has done extensive research in creating the most valuable product for YouTube marketers. This product helps the average individual succeed using YouTube. PPV (Pay-Per-View on YouTube) can cost hundreds or even thousands, which many are unable to afford. The cost of JumpStart is one tenth the price of a potential successful YouTube PPV campaign.

Do the math... at 5 cents. 0.05 ¢ x 10, 000 views = $500.00 You'd be lucky to even score a deal at 0.05 ¢ cents per view. It has been confirmed that many advertisers have been competing and paying up to $1.00 per view these days!
Many view increasing services charge around $5.00 for 1000 views...

JumpStart will deliver 1000 real views within a couple of days.

Revolutionary program that sends real untargeted traffic to your videos to increase views improve videos rankings.