By now everyone should have at least heard of the concept of article marketing – the creation and distribution of subject specific articles in order to generate traffic and back links to your site. The subjects of article topics, how to write articles etc has been covered many times before so we will not be covering them here, instead we will look at what you should do with your articles after you have created them i.e. where should you post your articles for maximum effect.

Before we cover this topic there is a general, but important to be made – for the top article sites that I am about to cover ALWAYS do a manual submission of your articles. It may well be more time consuming than using some sort of article distribution software but it is more effective in the long run.

So where are the best sites to post your articles ?, we would recommend the following sites:-

1) EzineArticles

Do to the high traffic and high Google PageRank of this site it is an absolute must for anyone distributing their articles. The editorial checking is rigorous so you will have to ensure that you have high quality and unique content to post but it is worth the effort (particularly as the Authors Bio box allows you to have some html code thus allowing you to control your own link anchor text)

2) GoArticles

Another high traffic, high PageRank site that is highly recommended for your articles. The editorial control is not quite as stringent as EzineArticles but still require high quality and unique content. The volume of visitors is not as good as Ezinearticles but certainly well worthwhile. Very good for helping to build backlinks to your site.

3) ArticleBase

Again selected for its high traffic, high PageRank status. The volume of visitors is not as good as Ezinearticles but certainly well worthwhile. Again very good for helping to build backlinks to your site.

4) iSnare

iSnare has had its ups and downs over recent times but still a firm favourite due not only to its high traffic, high PageRank status but also its article distribution service. Having said earlier that manual submission is the key to success in getting your articles on the top article sites there are also a large group of secondary sites where automatic submission is an acceptable route. The iSnare automatic submission service submits to the ArticleLive, ArticleDashboard and ArticleFriendly powered network of sites – a very large group of article sites indeed. It also submits to a range of other sites and discussion groups. The real beauty of the iSnare service is that you do not have to register at all these article sites prior to using the distribution service (this can run into hundreds of registrations !) – they have special accounts that allow them to log articles on your behalf. The critical aspect of this is that they still use your author biographies to do the posting so your links remain attached to the distributed articles –

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This is essential to ensure that you still get the visitors and backlinks that you need.