Not Everyone Until Now Can Be No1 On GoogleThere are multiple factors that must be considered regarding your web site for it to show up in a respectable position with any of the search engines. It is like a huge puzzle that one must work with in order to follow as many of the algorithms of the search engines in order to earn a high page ranks. You must understand the process in order to become a contender for page one rankings on any of the search engines.

The search engines has a base line (ex: starting at 0) that is used for processing the page ranking we referred to above. If you optimize your site correctly you will have points added to your score and the higher the score the higher positions can be obtained.

One example would be the keywords used in your site. Are the keyword relative? If your answer is yes, then you would have points added to the baseline, however, if your keywords do not appear in the content of your site, you may have a deduction for using filler keywords. If you stuff you site with keywords, you will have points deducted from the base line. The secret is to have more plus credits to your score than minus points deducted from your total.

The average layman doesn't understand this process, therefore, professional help may be the only way to achieve higher rankings. This author doe not recommend any particular company to contact for this type of help. There are a number of other factors that enter into this equation, such as: links. You may have a perfectly optimized web site with tons of links, however, if those links are not within the scoring perimeters your ranking scores will be penalized.

Sites that are similar to your site, and linking to you should be a plus to your score, however, if you link to a questionable site and it links back to you, it will hurt your status with the search engines. If you can't figure out the source of negative points, you should seek the help of the professionals. Linking to questionable site will quickly become a ranking killer.

We've talked a lot about keyword stuffing in recent articles, and there are specific guidelines you must follow to avoid being penalized. The 5-7% ratio of keywords to content in your site is crucial. It is imperative for you to keep this balance, to achieve the highest point value possible with the engines. Keyword stuffing is a good way for you to get banned with Google. Be very careful with this part of the overall process.

Google loves inbound and outbound links in your site. I personally think this is one of the most important items for high page ranking. Normally the inbound links (i.e. other sites linking to you) the better off you will be. On the other side of the coin if these links are from questionable sites, your site will suffer quickly. It's like you are being penalized by association. If you hang with bad guys, then you are going to be considered as one of them. Linking to the bad guys sites, will definitely not help your overall score with the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization doesn't just happen, there is a process that must be followed to make it all happen. Every site is structured differently and must be optimized individually. There is no broad brush solution for all sites. Each site must be tailor made for the engines for maximum effectiveness. SEO is an art and science, that comes with lots of research, studying the various algorithms of the search engines, plus putting what you learn into your everyday routine.

Not everyone can be #1 on Google, and quite by accident there may be a few layman who will find the right formula for their web site to appear on page #1 on the engines. However, by getting the help you need from those who know the process can accelerate you chances substantially.

Trying to take shortcuts, or trying to trick the engines and manipulate search engine results with kill you chances of any respectable positions, with any of the search engines. The search engines can't afford to tolerate any unethical practices on any site, so don't think for a moment you can fool them. Avoid trying to take short cuts in this process.

The areas we've discussed in this article are extremely important, however, there are other factors we will discuss in future articles that are equally important to good page rankings. Some examples are: Keyword stuffing, duplicate content, hidden text, hidden links, doorway pages, misleading titles, copyright violations, use of machine generated pages in your site are just some of the items you must be aware of. Construct your web site wisely and within the bounds of the algorithms of the search engines and you should see some definite positive results in the next few weeks or so.

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