If you want to find office supply dealers that offer discounts you never have to look far because they are almost everywhere. You can find them on the newspapers, internet, billboards and even flyers on the street. Remember that this is a lucrative business and many businessmen recognize that office supplies are man’s best friend when it comes to his job so almost everyday new business come in and give new offers that you as a businessman who run an office will most likely to benefit.

On the other hand, running an office is not easy since every good you buy for your office gets to become a little bit expensive each day. That is why it has become a habit for employers to cut their cost for office supplies by smartly utilizing supplies accordingly, practice recycling and monitoring employee’s consumption of supplies. So depending on the amount of money allotted for your office supplies and the size of your business, your business can still survive the crisis even when it seems you cannot afford to provide your office with proper supplies.

As an advice, since inevitably you may require using office supplies that are of good quality and have popular brand names, you can be able to get a contract with well established national companies known in the trading of office supplies. If they see that your business is trying to beat out the crisis they can still provide you with discounted pricing. Remember that although these big businesses are already recognized in this industry, they are still looking for permanent clients who will get from them steady supply of goods.

In case you think they might lose profits by giving away prices at such discounted costs, they will not actually. This is because they can still sell their products to you that are not on your contract without the discount plus they can be more expensive than their regular price. This indicates that although the company may lose some profits from your contract, it may get some of their losses from some of their products that they will sell to you. So if you will be willing to agree on this arrangement better order only the items that are part of your special pricing and do not depart your orders from the list.

To give you an example, if a case of paper originally cost $30, the company can give it to you at about $20 per case and that is if the paper is included in your contract. But if you order calendars which are not in your list, the company may sell it to you with a higher amount more than the price they give to their regular customers.

You can also find many online discount stores on the internet and some may even be located near your area. With so many wholesalers competing for your needs, comparing prices between them and checking who among them offer the best deal is not a problem. However, when shopping in this process, it is very important that you keep in mind the shipping costs and the costs of the labels because some companies although can give you large discounts on wholesale, can get from you costly shipping rates including the cost of the labeling. So always remember that you clarify this with the wholesaler or else end up paying more with the transaction.