If you want to be successful there are a number of things you must do well, Marketing online allows you to target specific audiences and easily track and if you follow any with the successful marketers online, everyone of them have a wonderful personal blog. So create your own or outsource it immediately, but how is all this supposed to work together in your online marketing efforts you ask? Unfortunately just posting written content to your blog and expecting it being found in the searches is just the startof it liking this to the equation of panning for gold.

If there is one point you ought to never do and that is never send your Facebook & Twitter friends directly to your biz opp or as the say in the trade your money page if you do this You will turn off anyone remotely interested in you if you do it this unprofessional way. Just imagine going to a party at someones house and immediately shouting a sales pitch to everyone on how they really should join your Herbal Life Health business? You would end up standing alone being labled the boreing and geeky by the end of the night.
social media marketing
You must always remember these social networking sites are social media hangouts, so be just that, social sharing socially interesting social helping your fellow friends with their problems etc etc. It is crucial to build trust here are some sample rapport building questions: you MUST learn the needs of your prospect before you can position your product to solve them or service them. Creating your blog the "nucleus" of all your other Web 2.0 sites is the key. In other words, every one of your social sites needs to be pointing people to your blog, not a product after product sales page.

Let me explain what I mean by the use with the word "relationship building" in this context. Your personal blog is supposed to tell the world a whole lot about you and what your specialties are. This can entail a personal history of your life all the way to your specific business and products. People connect with people so make your site professionally personable, informative and full of value fun and of interest.

Your blog is not supposed being like some billboard full... in your face advertisements. Here is an example: when you have been friended by someone on Facebook and they click on your blog link to learn more about you, they really should never be bombarded by advertisements. The purpose from the viewer's visit to your blog it to like what they see and want to know you more. Let them chose to click on the section they want to read about, that way they made up their own mind and be prompted only to bookmark your page - friend you or save your RSS feed links.

So, start with excellent interesting helpful content material, syndicate it, create the buzz, this task will help towards driving up your rankings within all the major search engine rankings, in the shortest time possible more people are paying attention, referencing then sharing your content within their very own social networks creating a tidal linking wave to your site which drives up your rankings on rocket fuel. As this grows so does the number of new prospects coming to your site, which you've nade user friendly, eventually when their times right they will want to know what you do for a living online that's the best time to ad them to your sales funnel. Yes I know this is only the first wrung on the propecting ladder but this ladder has a very long reach and you will soon be proud of your excellent work! here is the summarization of what we have just gone over.

*Use your social media sites like a spiders web to locate, break the ice, and actually start relationships with your targeted audience.

*Once you've established hands on rapport with your new social media friends point them to your professional blog and let them take action to work with you in their own time frame.

*You must have a capture form to stay in constant contact with all your viewers on your blog and website.

*Now enjoy the journey to building up massive traffic to your website properties & profit not only from the search engines but financially from this exponentially growth formula as you execute this social syndication systems over a short labor saving plus your time and trouble in the long haul.

Successful marketing!