Useful Tips and Hints on Video ProductionEntrepreneurs and small business owners are usually self-motivated, but we don’t always set aside sufficient time to evaluate what we need to do to move our business forward faster.
One way to do this is to push the boundaries of our abilities, and learn some new skills.

Here’s my Top 10 tips for you, for accelerating your business success:

1.     Focus on providing industry leading customer service.  Customer service is plain awful in most industries.  Anyone that makes an effort to deliver outstanding customer service WILL get noticed.

2.     Be productive, not busy.  There’s a big difference.  Being busy doesn’t bring in profits, being productive does.

3.     You are not an octopus.  That’s right, you don’t have eight arms and legs, acting independently for you.  You have two arms and two legs, an inherent limitation!  If you want to succeed faster you need to rely on others more.  Outsource anything that you don’t need to have direct control of, or where others can do a better job than you can.

4.     Think big!  The difference between small and big in business isn’t as much as you think it is.  Often, the big thinkers work less than someone who’s trying to scrape together 10 pounds an hour.

5.     Ignore other people that know less about a subject than you do.  You’re going to hear advice from many sources.  Learn to filter the advice.  Some of it counts, but most of it doesn’t.

6.     Be ethical.  Honesty IS always the best policy.  In the long run you’ll gain a lot more customers by being up front and honest, admitting to your mistakes.

7.     Work from the end result backwards.  It’s impossible to reach a target or goal unless you know what milestones have to be reached along the way.  Work from the end result backwards.  For example, if you plan to earn 120,000 this year, that’s 10,000 per month, or 333 each day.  It IS achievable with a plan, don’t leave it to chance.

8.     Get up fast when you fall down.  Expect some bad stuff to happen, but when it does, get over it quickly and move on. Often there’s a valuable lesson to be gained from the experience.

9.     Attend a local mastermind or meetup group with like-minded people who can encourage and support you, and also provide you with accountability.  Don’t be a loner, it will hold you back.

10.   Continue to invest in your own marketing education.  What you can afford will vary compared to others, but the principle still stands.  Being in business requires that we continually expand our knowledge and abilities.

There’s a LOT in this list.  I hope you will re-read it and preferably print it out as a reference guide.  It’s not some random tips, it’s a blueprint that will unquestionably help you get to where you want to be, faster and easier.
Please learn from my mistakes – I’ve made PLENTY!

Regards, Andrew