I've been busy the last few months so have been a bit quiet around the forum. This time was not wasted however, I have been balls deep in youtube marketing, I've taken all the courses, used all the software and done all the case studies, now I will share this with you all. I was hoping to have dominated the niche but was not happy with my strategy so invested more time in perfecting it.

I have provided some resources with my aff links. If you have found this information useful I would appreciate it if you used the aff links to help me fund more courses.

The $7k is the money I made from the case studies and testing so you can imagine how powerful this information can be when used to dominate a niche which I am hoping to do over the next few months. Words are nothing without proof so for the non-believers, below is a screenshot from my account which are paid commissions for the last 3 months. This is not for bragging rights just want to give some inspiration to other members of the forum and to give substance to my claims and strategy.

I will focus the methods and resources for ranking in serps not in youtube so views, comments, likes favourites are not mentioned here. Faking these to rank in youtube will only increase the chance of the videos being removed don't waste your time. Instead focus on engaging your audience to get these signals.

If your not excited by the potential of youtube yet... you should be;

Below is an overview of the steps I take when starting a new campaign.

Step 1 - Video Upload
Obviously you will need a video. This should be a good quality video and if you don't want your video taken down at the first community flag, make a video that appears to be providing value to the audience rather than an advert. Youtube hates commercial videos, affiliate links etc and will take the video down and restrict your channel at the first chance. What I mean by this is make a 'how to' video or 'review' rather than a 'buy this product'. If you want to upload commercial 'buy me' videos use dailymotion or invest in premium Vimeo, these are more resilient to take downs and rank almost just as well.

-Name your channel for the keyword you are targeting, name your video with the keyword and upload
-Use keyword in title twice example; Plumbing Services London | Call 0800346827 | Plumbing Services London
-Keyword Stuff Description and no need for unique content longer the better.
-Hangouts rank slightly better than a normal video
-Use the external annotation feature to outlink to your website with a call to action.
-Put a link of you video at the end of the video for extra link juice
*Secret Link Juice Exclusive to IMS* Find some other youtube videos in your niche with a high PA and put that link in your description too (This will make your video show on the suggested videos page next to the high PA video and give you more link juice). Also make sure to update your channel with related channels from authority youtube channels to increase exposure and link juice.

Step 2 - Syndication of content
This is the most powerful of all strategies IMO and FREE. This strategy alone can get you Page 1 ranking and all on autopilot.

Use IFTTT.com and setup all your channels. The ones I use are blogger, delicious, Diigo, Facebook, Twitter, flickr, storify, tumblr and youtube. Create a recipe so that when you post a video to youtube it also posts to your other accounts using embeds where possible.

Use Rankwyz.com to setup all your web 2.0 and social bookmarks (PA Pump your web 2.0s) and post to all when you upload a new video.

Step 3 - Backlinking
Direct to youtube video (short term)
Spamming youtube videos is still very effective and are immune to spam (for now) If you want a churn and burn strategy spam the hell out of the youtube video. Be warned though 1 link to the wrong webmaster will destroy your campaign, they will flag your video and if youtube doesnt like it, all your backlink efforts are down the drain. Use web 2.0, PBN and social bookmark backlinks to prevent this to avoid pissing anyone off and flagging your video. You can also spam directly at your channel URL same way as you would backlink to your root domain, this will filter PA down to all of your videos if you have your channel optimised correctly.
To your web 2.0 properties with youtube embed (long term)
if your video gets taken down just replace the videos in your web 2.0 properties with a new one.

Backlink Sources
GSA - If you want to target a youtube video in a specific country then GSA is your tool. Use scrapebox to find your country targets and leave GSA to do what it does best which is backlink. In the sites to exclude box use !.co.uk or whichever TLD you are targeting in GSA and use site:.co.uk in scrape box to only find country specific targets for GSA.

LinkEmperor.com - If you want to rank in google.com then this is my favourite. Backlinking and RankTracking all on autopilot in an easy to use dashboard. I use Private Network Blog Posts, Social Bookmarking, Wiki all on Max no others. (Web 2.0s with rankwyz) and direct to target. If you have done your research $147 is a small cost for easy backlinking. No proxies, no VPS, No Scraping. Probably don't want to use on your money site but perfect for your youtube vids.Again I would use a web 2.0 with embed or other doorway page rather than to your youtube video incase it gets taken down.

Blackhatlinks.com - Alternative and payasyou go method to LinkEmperor. Building links is time consuming so IMO outsourcing this process to allow you to manage your youtube campaigns is more effective and less stressful.

Step 4 - Social Signals/Social Bookmarks
I have found if you pump your video with social signals, facebooks, twitter, google +1s it seems to boost your backlink juice. I would assume it gives it the viral effect. Social bookmarks are another good back linking strategy.

Social Signals
Use AddmeFast etc for these and use scripts to automatically get points.

Social Bookmarks
SocialAdr - Use this for quick and easy social bookmarks. You can earn credits aswell but limited to 5 a day.
OnlyWire - Another good site for social bookmarks. You can get the accounts created from fiverr.com.

Treat your youtube channel as you would a website in the year 2000. Channel is your website URL and the video is a WebPage. Anything that will get you penilised on a website i.e keyword stuffing, spamming will actually make you rank in youtube. Use google ranking factors as a guide for your seo campaigns

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