If you do not know anybody who has lost a job in the past couple of years, then maybe you are not that well connected! The years '08 and '09 have finally shown once and for all just how intertwined and vulnerable the global economy is.

Gone is the era when economic recessions were limited to specific regions of the world, or even sections of a country. Not anymore. For the first time in recent memory, the entire world was fighting the same war-life-altering economic battles. And like all wars, it has not been without casualties.

Countless number of companies and individuals have been crippled financially. And though the worst may now be over, the jobless millions around the world are just now waking up to the fact that their working days are over-regardless of their ages. That is, unless they decide to work for themselves.

Indeed, the global recession has only exacerbated a problem that had long been on the horizon since the early nineties, namely; that the relentless march of globalization and technology would leave a sad taste in the mouth of workers everywhere, especially in developed countries.

Thus, even before the global financial crisis started in late 2007, massive job losses were already being experienced in Europe and North America.

The exact cause of these job losses is beyond the scope of this article. The point is that several factors have combined to make it easier to lose a job these days than to get one.

But let us look at the implication and the way forward.

The first implication of the current realities is that one can no longer play by the old rule-go to school, get a good grade, and then get a job for life. The structure of the world economy is now such that mantra does not guarantee anything anymore. Outsourcing, downsizing, rightsizing, etc can stand in your way now and also in your way going forward.

Start something of your own. That is the only sure way of putting yourself on the path of financial independence. So stop that job hunt. Think in the line of starting a home business, especially one that can be run on the internet.

Indeed, countless millions have woken up to the vast income opportunities that abound on the internet. The good thing is that nearly all opportunities available online can be done from the comfort of your home, and at minimal start-up capital.

And the options are as numerous as there are human needs. Freelancing alone throws up thousands of income opportunities EACH DAY. This is because both companies and individuals are constantly looking for someone to perform such tasks as programming, article writing, and graphic design. Most companies favor this approach because it helps them save more, since you won't be on their payroll.

Also, one of the oldest ways to make money on the internet is to sign up as an affiliate marketer. This way you sell products for companies and earn generous commissions for your efforts. Then there is network marketing where you sell products for companies, recruit others to do the same and then earn income both on the products sold by you and on those sold by your downline-the people you recruited.

The list is virtually endless. In fact, do not be surprised that the past-time or hobby of yours is capable of earning you serious income if you showcase it on the internet. You will be surprised how many people are willing to pay you do it.

The point is, rather than mourning the disappearance of corporate jobs, wise persons have chosen to line their pockets each month with thousand of dollars, working from home. Why don't you join them? So if you have lost your job, welcome to home business! Indeed, you can even do it alongside your daytime job. After all, you will be working from home. Again welcome home!

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