The internet is an information tool used by people to share learn about things, and for search engines to organise and prioritise things. The more relevant content you have the more search engines like you and the higher the quality of that content the more readers will enjoy it.

Writing content such as articles is a great way to promote yourself as well as your businesses website and generate more relevant traffic and create more enquiries or sales, but there are a number of creative as well as technical components that make must be done correctly to ensure that your on-line article marketing is effective and that is where a marketing services company can help.

So Why Are Articles Such A Good Idea

People want more control of their own decisions and destiny and rightly so. To be able to make those decisions though requires knowledge, which can be acquired through experience and information.

Articles are a great way of offering information, sharing experiences and educating people on topics that interest them. Articles are also like a mini business cards which can be passed around the internet, shared and discussed. Other people place them on their own website and if you have written them with both readers and search engines in mind you will receive a reward by having additional back links pointing back to your website which help to improve the ranking of your site in the search engines.

The links within articles can be used to send people to additional internet sites to access more information or they could take readers to a product or service page where they can learn more and decide whether to buy or not.

Why Does Article Marketing Go Wrong

Many have tried article marketing and failed. And with so many links in the chain to getting it right it is easy to see how such a simple process can become completely ineffective when you are are unaware of some specific details.

The first reason article marketing fails is because their writing is not focused on a topic that interests people. Nor are they writing articles focused around content that people are actually searching for.

Next the form or structure of the written content greatly affects whether people read it or not. If it doesn't get peoples attention they will never see it and if it doesn't flow with a logical start and end, and contain topic specific content that keep them reading, they will never read it.

Many are unaware of the technical details they must got correct to receive additional benefits from search engines and miss adding small but crucial details to the article, rendering that effort wasteful.

Maybe the structure is good but the content is far to sales focused and lacks any real value which instantly turns people away as they feel the void of a missing relationship built around trust when people start pitching too early.

Sometime they get it right but they just don’t write enough on a regular basis. A few articles here and there wont get you any real traction and certainly wont keep people coming back to read more and wondering what is in store next.

How Can A Marketing Company Ensure Your Article Marketing Gets Results

To ensure your article marketing gets results your marketing company should be doing keyword research to understand the supply and demand for certain topics and where to focus your time and effort.

Next the should have search engine marketing or optimisation skills and know how link building works and how to working it into your articles.

They should also have knowledge of the article directories at their disposal and why they are being used over other directories which will usually be due to certain technical factors, but could also include other reasons depending on the project.

Once you have articles it is possible to reuse that content in a way that increases your SEO power through the redistribution of content.

Ideally your marketing company will have creative writing skills that will help you to compile article content, as well as submit and distribute it. This should be focused on pre-selling rather than trying to sell or conclude business with people too early.

Lastly your marketing company should be able to assist you to deliver consistent content on a regular basis, which gradually will attract higher enquiries, conversions and search engine rankings. To get your own quality articles fast, order from Green Light Articles now: - To your success, - The GLA Team
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