We all remember the times when the internet started spreading in the mid 1990s. Everyone who was able to code a little was on the run, dot com enterprises were mushrooming all over the place and stock brokers joined the gold rush. But we also still have in mind that the excessive speculation came to a miserable end - the Dot com Bubble Burst of 2000.

As fast as stocks were risen, they went down on a massive scale. A lot of people lost their hard earned money between 2000 and 2002. The loss in market value was just breathtaking. $5 TRILLION were crushed! Well, you might say that this was peanuts compared to the financial crisis we are still suffering from. Yes, you are right, but there is no doubt that this was epic.

Now imagine you were back in the 90`s and you could see all of that coming, guess who would be on the cover of Forbes Magazine these days.

Today we are facing a similar situation as far as the development of marketing tools is concerned. The keyword here is Mobile Marketing. Let`s face some facts.

Fact #1: It is expected that there will be 5 billion mobile phones worldwide by the end of 2010. Compared to that recognize that there are "only" 1.8 billion internet users.

Fact #2: The global budget for mobile marketing will reach $16 Billion in 2011.

Fact #3: Google and other big players are investing huge amounts in conquering this market.

This is massive! And there is no doubt that Mobile Marketing has a astonishing potential. The signs are distinct. Apple for example purchased Quattro, a mobile advertising developer, for $300 Million earlier this year and more insight information tells us that a lot of companies are investing right now to get a piece of the cake. There were also rumors about several domains, which can be easily associated with Mobile Marketing, being registered by major companies. One of them is iAd.com. The connection to Apple and advertising is obvious. Anyways, they denied being the owner for now.

Nevertheless, there is not a doubt that there will be a mobile marketing system launched by Apple to address their iPhone user's with personalized advertisement. Basically, it would allow to provide location-based advertising directly to the smart phone user. Imagine you went out for shopping and you get to know the best deal on a product in a radius of 2 miles by just touching your iPhone. The potential is just undeniable and the system could be well named "iAd".

Since I dug a little deeper doing my research on that, I recognized that other domains connecting to that are already registered as well. Some of them like iAdsNet.com and iAdsOne.com are actually on sale. This gonna be happy days for the owner if Apple finally comes out with its brand name. There is not any doubt that the market is moving and getting involved these days could be a one in a lifetime opportunity. But keep in mind to leave before the next bubble bursts ;).

More than HALF of all brand-new Internet hook-ups are from "mobile phones" and these 5 billion cell phone owners 51 million+ mobile phone surfers are holding these pocket-size computers around with them every day day in and yes i say around the clock! look around you every one is on their phones...
There are many internet mobile marketing methods that are available today