Is your belief system holding you back from being successful in life, your MLM or Online business? The most enlightening and helpful exercise you can possibly embark on within the next few days is to find out why you believe the things you believe. I assure you’ll be surprised to discover the shaky ground on which the bulk of your belief system is based.

Let me tell you a story that will help you appreciate this point. A certain young lady was asked why she often cut her chicken into four parts prior to roasting. She explained that she did it because she understood it made the meat more tender.

Meanwhile when the same question was put to her mother, the mom explained that she learned it from her own mother and that she believed cutting the chicken in that manner reduces cooking time and saves cooking fuel.

But when the oldest woman, the grandma was asked the same question, she said that when she was raising her family, they could only afford a very small oven, and so it was necessary to cut the meat in four so they could fit it into the oven!

You may not know it, but there are numerous real-life versions of the scene narrated above. So many of the things we do we do them simply because others have done them, or are still doing them. In other words, most people operate their lives with a belief system that is not really theirs. They ask no questions about it, because have not given it much thought.

In the case of the mother and daughter presented above, they tenaciously held on to the belief that chicken must be cut into four before roasting. But grandma’s reason for doing it, i.e. the size of her oven, had long been overcome, no longer relevant in the lives of later generations. Yet the younger ladies failed to take note and adjust accordingly!

So, is your belief system holding you back in some ways? No, I am not suggesting you adopt a freakish or bizarre outlook in life. However, are there things you should be doing (or stop doing) in order to move your life forward, increase your sense of well-being, your happiness, self-esteem, etc?

Could your life become more refreshing if you changed a few of the things you believe? I assure you, by simply altering a few of your basic beliefs could change your life beyond your imagination.

The interesting thing about belief system is that it is idiosyncratic, very personal. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it means a person is free to adopt a unique approach to issues, such as when solving a problem.

On the other hand, it could also be very tempting for people to want to imitate whatever approach that has proved successful for someone else. This is not to say that everything we have learnt from others is harmful or useless. No.

There are many things we have learnt from others, including our parents that have served us well. But since the human society is generally selfish and constantly changing, it is safe to conclude that much of what have been handed down to us may be standing in our way of happiness.

Analyzing your belief system will help you to take charge of your life. After all, as an adult, you are free to
believe anything you choose. So, occasionally ask yourself where some of your beliefs came from, and whether they still work for you. If they assist you to be happy and free, fine.

But if they engender fear and a feeling of worthlessness, then it is time to reexamine them. The key is to create a belief system that works for YOU.

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