The first step in making your blog useful is with social media. Some of the social media sites are Digg, MySpace, and YouTube. Now for example, if you are using images on your site you should think about using flicker. Flicker is a popular photo sharing web site. If you blog post happen to be provocative, you may want to use Digg which is a popular social web site that may have a profound impact on you web traffic if the Digg community embraces your content. Next submitting your blog to Technorati can be another help.

The next step in getting new readers to your blog is to start by interviewing experts and other well known individuals associated in your particular industry. To start you should ask questions that are fulfilling well as interesting. For example an approach might be to ask the expert about the pros and cons in their niche. Also asking an expert about their family and favorite pastimes which can be very important. This is a way of making your interview personable and attractive to readers.

Another approach to getting people to frequently follow your blog is to offer your content through Really Simple Syndication, or RSS it is called. RSS allows your readers to keep up with your blog in an automated manner and it is easier for them than checking your blog randomly for new content. The most popular blog feed management provider is feed burner, which is a free service. Once you join feed burner and add an icon onto your web site, you readers can easily join you RSS feed.

One sure way of getting people interested in your blog is to periodically hold contests or giveaways. For example, you can create a blog post in the form of a poll that asks your readers to guess what your top selling product will be for any given week. Each guess counts as one entry in the contest. You can select the winner at random for the correct answers and give the top selling product or some other incentive as a prize. Holding contest keeps your readers interested in your blog and provides incentive for them to talk about your business and frequently visit your blog.

One really great way to get more exposure is to create a podcast. Podcasts can really create some great traffic and branding for your blog. There are some places where podcasting is really cheap. Putting audio on your blog can really make a difference. There are some people who do not like to read but really like to listen. If you do not understand how to add audio to your blog try going to YouTube. YouTube has a lot of great videos that can help you with your blog.

Making your blog successful is an achievable process if you are willing to dedicate the time, energy, and creativity to making it work. In addition, a successful blog helps you to promote your products or services and increases the likelihood that other people like to you blog, which helps to improve your organic search engine ranking.
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