Get Guaranteed Targeted Web Site Traffic - 3 Tips for anyone who is completely new to Internet marketing, the importance of finding ways to get Web site traffic has not yet dawned on them. Instead, they are mainly spending their time focusing on building a cool-looking site and maybe loading their products onto in. It is only when they have completed their masterpiece and step back that they realize, "Hey, where's the traffic?"

Even intermediate and seasoned Internet marketers alike are always trying to find more ways to get traffic to their sites. What they know is that the secret to getting more traffic (apart from paying for it via paid advertising methods) is through targeting. Targeting is simply the art and science of aligning what searchers are looking for when they search the Internet with what you offer on your site. The thing that links these two together is something called "long-tail keywords." These are simply keywords that are more specific and highly-targeted than their more generic, basic cousins.

If you are looking for guaranteed targeted Web site traffic, here are 3 tips for getting it:

1. Become an expert untapped niche finder:
People who master keyword targeting are the ones who are able to draw loads of traffic to their websites every day. They do this by finding niches: very specific topic areas that nevertheless align nicely with the products and services which they are offering on their website. For example: if you sell car care products on your website, of course, you would love it for your site to rank well on major search engine sites for the search term "car care products," give that it likely gets hundreds of searches each day. But, wouldn't you also be just as happy to get a little bit less traffic per keyword but to rank well on search engine sites for 10 or more long-tail keyword search terms like "unique car care" and "best car care product guide," etc.? If you can find targeted keywords like this, you are on your way to becoming an expert untapped niche finder.

2. Use the most powerful tool known to niche finders everywhere: the keyword research tool:
You do not need to become an expert researcher. You just need to find yourself a really good keyword research tool. A good tool can come up with thousands of suggested variations on a search term you input into it. Combined with its ability to tell you not only how many searches each keyword gets - but also how many websites are competing for traffic related to that term - your research tool will make you into an expert untapped niche finder.

3. Confidently execute on the niches you find:
Once you have found your niche based upon your keyword research, it is time to execute! Dedicate a page on your site to each of the hyper-targeted keywords you have found. You should optimize the page's meta tags, content, and even URL for this keyword. Now, repeat this process for dozens of keywords. When you do, you will find that the search engines will be taking a lot more notice of your site - and sending you more lucrative traffic.

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