Most of us find ourselves stuck when trying to write articles that get positive feedback. Perhaps you are already writing articles or maybe you are new. Either way, these tips will definitely help you improve your writing.

1. Write useful content.
Your readers are looking for something that will help them. Some people think that they can write a sales pitch in their articles and they will get traffic to their site. Wrong. You need to provide something for the reader before you can get something from them.

2. Write about things you know.
Chances are that you already know a lot about what you are writing about and this adds and expert touch to your article. Needless to say, the more you know, the more information you can provide for your reader. This also ties into weather or not you are selling something you like but it doesn't matter if you are, over time you will learn more and more about your product and you can put this information into your writing.

3. Keep it simple.

You want to write articles that are focused and narrow. For instance, if you are trying to promote fish tanks, don't write an article about fish tanks, write about something specific that is related to fish tanks like cleaning tools or methods of building tanks. The simple and more specific the content, the easier it is to write but with the added benefit of being attractive to the reader.

3. Gather information.
Do your research. Even if you do know a lot about what you are trying to promote, you still need to know more. This is related to my point above in that there are many things you can write about related to your product that readers will find useful. Expand your knowledge base and generate more ideas for other articles at the same time by doing research.

4. Plan your content.
So you know what you are writing about and you have this trove of information to tap into. As any good writer will tell you, before you actually start writing, you should plan what you are going to write. Make sure that your content is organized and coherent. If each paragraph leads into the other and the entire article stays on topic, the more readers you will attract and by extension, more customers.

5. Keep track of your thoughts.
Ideas come to us at any time and in any place. Always keep a recorder or a notepad handy where ever you go so you can jot down ideas as they come to you. Later when you are writing your article, you can refer to them instead of wishing you could remember them.

6. Use effective titles.
There are so many pitfalls when it comes to writing effective titles. Always try to keep your title as short and to the point as possible. For instance if you are writing about the different methods for building fish tanks don't make that your title, keep it simple like '4 different tank building methods.' Most readers only spend enough time to skim your title before deciding if they want to read your article. The shorter it is, the more attractive the article becomes to the reader.

7. Don't plagiarize.
People will tell you to model other articles that are proven to be effective but this will lead you into a plagiarism trap. It's okay to borrow ideas but always remember to write it yourself. Write your own content and expand on ideas with your own thoughts. Not only do you make it your own but you are guaranteed not to get in trouble for stealing someone's work if you do it yourself.

8. Take your time.
Not all of us have the time to dedicate to article writing and we want to get it done as fast as possible. Here we can run into some problems if we try to do it as fast as possible because we can end up skimping on quality. Remember, the time you take the plan and research etc. is all part of it and if you put out just one quality article, you can get more readers than if you put out 12 articles that are poorly done.

9. Use internet resources.
There are many websites online that will help you improve your writing for free by giving you tips and even getting feedback from other writers if you find the right forums. Don't underestimate the value of improving your writing skills. Sentence structure, grammar, spelling and even vocabulary all contribute to the quality of your article.

10. Get help.
If you have the resources available, don't be afraid to use them. Hire some help.

You can hire people to generate ideas, write, edit and do the publishing for you. There are many freelance writers for hire that you can find on the internet. If you can, this is definitely a good idea for putting out many quality articles in a short amount of time

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