If you or me saw someone using their mobile phone they were usually chatting. Nowadays, most people are busy typing their messages to their friends, family or work. It is easy once we understand the massive power of SMS marketing campaigns. Most of us text our friends and family at least several times per day, without realizing what a powerful promotional tool this can be for a business owner. And most mobile users actually welcome this type of one-on-one dialogue with local business owners and retail stores of their opt-in choice. So, clearly, text SMS messages are not just for socializing any longer.

Text marketing and SMS software can and should be used by all website owners and local brick and mortar businesses who still wanting to build, expand and retain their client base in a competitive world. There are many good SMS software companies that will help you to send a text message from computer to all your customers that subscribe to your rewards club. We will now list 5 SMS to mobile tips on how you can drive higher sales to your business door in a quick fashion:

1. Contests - You will have more consumers subscribing to your database if you have a contest every so often allowing your customers to win a prize or get a huge savings if they get the answer right.

2. Polls - Another great way to use mobile SMS marketing is to get feedback on a recent offering or transition and show your buyers that you care. Tell your clients on your website, Facebook, or Twitter to text you with their vote. You could end up adding clients to your list that were not on their before.

3. News/Updates - Consumers are busier than ever. That is why most mobile users are always doing something on their mobile device. Keep them posted on news from your industry or stories on your website. People want to keep current in whatever industry that interests them.

4. Membership Sites - Offering some type of rewards club or business membership will excite many consumers to subscribe to your list and continue to shop with you. Be different from your competition.

5. SMS Mobile Coupons - If you want people to come back and buy from you in the future, give them a reason to come back with a mobile coupon. Tell them to come in and show you their text mobile coupon and give them a special discount and then another coupon for their next visit.

Now there are three protocol warnings we must list here for your continued benefit: - Don't be a nuisance or you will lose clients. Text during business hours only. Also, keep alerts short and simple. Limit your messages to once or twice a week at tops.

- In order to do any type of SMS marketing, don't go out and buy an expensive platform. You can subscribe to what is called a shared SMS marketing system that will make your cell phone advertising campaigns easy to do. - Make it completely clear to consumers what they are signing up for. Make it fun for them. Send news from your industry at times, throw in a contest here and there and then periodically send a mobile coupon. Your customers will love you for this.

These mobile ads do not take a lot of time. You may be busy, but keep in mind you are in business to make money and ignoring SMS advertising will have a negative affect on your profits. Business owners and church organizations who are wanting to stay in touch with their clients and members will want to take advantage of what many professionals are calling the best marketing software available.

No one can argue how monumental it is that with over 90 percent of mobile users actually read their text messages within 5 to 12 minutes of receiving it. Why would you not want to use SMS software to get in front of this growing audience. Local store owners are already seeing an amazing redemption rate of 9 percent and as high as 24 percent with mobile coupons compared to the less than stellar return of one-half of one percent with paper coupons. One reason that mobile coupons are better is that it is a lot harder for someone to lose that coupon if it is stored on their cell phone.

Hence, with SMS software, you indeed have the best of both worlds. You save everybody on your list time and money, while making your store location more profitable. Now that's a true win-win scenario.

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