Ezine advertising is a cost effective way to increase the number of visitors to your website. In this writing we’re going to cover the basics of ezine advertising, including types of ads, where to advertise, and what they should cost.

There are several types of ezine ads:

1. Solo ad: A solo ad is an actual email sent by the ezine publisher that includes your ad only. You get a "captivated" audience to sell your website to the subscribers. Solo ads are great for telling your story and selling your idea so that the reader clicks the link to your product.

2. Sponsor Ad: A sponsor ad is shorter than a solo ad and is included in the publisher's regular ezine. The ads are typically five to fifteen lines. The charge for these ads depends on the placement in the ezine. Sponsor ads are used to drive traffic to your website for more information. They tease the reader into wanting more.

3. Classified Ad: A classified ad is shorter than a sponsor ad and is usually three to five lines long. Classified ads work well if you are giving away a free product in order to get the reader to click the link to your website and add their name to your subscriber list.

4. Ads within an article: These are rare (unless you write the article) so if you get a shot at one of these, go for it!

Selecting Ezines in Which to Advertise

When selecting the ezines in which you’d like to advertise, you can find ezines that target your market by visiting ezine directories. When starting out, ezines with small to medium sized subscribers lists are attractive because:

* The total dollar outlay for advertising is smaller

* You can place ads in more ezines to reach more types of subscribers

* Readers of small ezines feel more connected to the publisher and are more likely to trust advertisers

* It's quicker to get ads placed in smaller ezines. Larger ezines typically have a waiting list

In addition to choosing the right place to advertise, there are some "Do"s for ezine advertising:

** Match your ad to the the content of the ezine. Don't put your ad about dog grooming in an ezine about cars. That’s a no brainer, right?

** Subscribe to the ezine and read a few issues before purchasing advertising. See how ads are placed in the ezine and if the articles are of good quality.

** Check the reasonableness of the advertising price. Compare apples to apples; be sure to convert the cost quoted by the publisher to cost per thousand subscribers (CPM).

** Your ad should sell the click to your website or offer, not sell the product itself.

** Offer a free product so that you can "get the click" and add the subscriber to your list. The money on the internet is in your list. These are the people that will learn to trust in the information that you provide and will most likely buy from you.

Once you’ve determined the type of ad that you want to purchase, decided where you want to advertise, and how much you are willing to pay, it’s time to start the ball rolling. Place those ads and watch your traffic increase. where to advertise, and what they should cost