Having a great website is a commendable thing. Everybody should strive toward having a truly exceptional site. However, without traffic, a great site is nothing.

In fact, it could be very easily argued that a mediocre site getting tons of traffic is far better off than an excellent, well-designed, and beautifully-optimized site that gets only a trickle of traffic each day.
The bottom line is that getting traffic is what the world of online marketing is all about. If you are looking for increased Web site traffic, here are the 5 secrets of hyper-targeting:

1. To get traffic, you need to understand hyper-targeting:

To drive traffic, you need to understand the concept of hyper-targeting. This term simply means: the ability to get a person (a searcher) whose has a very specific, very focused need to visit your website so that they can get that need fulfilled or partially fulfilled. These are what marketers call "warm leads" and they are vital to getting conversions (i.e., getting a visitor to take a desirable action).

To hyper-target, you need to be able to find lots of very specific search phrases that people are actually using every day - but hopefully that have very few other websites featuring them. These phrases are sometimes called long-tail keywords.

2. Start by deciding who your target audience is:

To build your keyword list, you need to start by deciding who your target audience is. It can even be helpful to write out in paragraph or bullet point form who they are and what they are like. The more details, the better.

3. Strive to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates your target audience:

Good online marketing is all about tapping into people's motivations. You need to get a handle on what makes people tick. What moves them to act? The way to find this out is to zero in on either what pleasures they are seeking or what pains they are trying to avoid.

4. Use a good keyword tool to find loads of long-tail keywords that speak to that motivation:

You will benefit from using a good keyword tool. Sure, there are some free tools on the market today, and they are great for beginners. But, the best keyword tools do so much more, such as the ability to use a "thesaurus" to look up synonymous terms, the ability to search using multiple "seed" keywords at once, the ability to rank or score keywords by your ability to use them to compete for traffic, and the ability to export your results in Excel or a .csv file for further analysis.

5. Align your off-site content and on-site content in a way that features targeted keywords you can effectively compete on:

Finally, you need to align all of your content: the search terms people are looking for, your content that is hosted off-site (in blogs, articles, etc.) and your content that is found on your website. In this case, alignment means making sure that the user finds a consistent experience at each stage of the search.

The art of building lots of hyper-targeted content optimized for long-tail keywords is essential for driving more traffic to your site as you build online success. Take these 5 secrets into account as the best way to drive lots more targeted, relevant traffic to your site.
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