Do you have dreams of becoming an Internet Millionaire? Or, how about just being able to support yourself month-to-month and year-to-year solely with your online efforts?

Not surprisingly, you share a similar dream with millions of other people the world over. Of course, for many people it remains just that: a dream that is never pursued. A fewer number of folks dabble in it but then give up. And, a precious fewer still actually put what it takes into the dream to make it happen. That question to ask yourself, before you move forward is: which type are you?

Online success is not meant to be left to the computer geniuses and the rocket scientist-types. It is also not reserved for the kids who practically grew up connected to a computer since their cradle days. In fact, many of them give up without making any money at all.

Rather, achieving success online boils down to these two things: a. having access to the knowledge and tools required for Internet marketing success, and, b. never giving up.

As a lead-in to gaining a solid understanding of the role of the right knowledge and tools in Web marketing success, it is helpful to view a "lay of the land" map of the online space. To do so, you must understand the role of Web design, hosting and Internet marketing in online success.

Here is a brief overview on how to maximize each one as you transform yourself into an online success story:

1. Web design is about conversions:

When you think about Web design for the visitors to your website, is it essential to think in terms of what you want those visitors to do once they reach your site. This "most desirable action" can be called a conversion. It could be the purchase of an item or the downloading of a white paper.

Whatever your definition of conversion may be, you must design your site with that goal in mind. Examples of design elements that positively influence Web conversions include:

* reducing the number of required hops or clicks from initial visit on your landing page to the place where the conversion action occurs
* making it abundantly clear to customers what you do and the value you offer them
* making sure prospects know that you are targeting them and can solve their problems
* eliminating any "noise" on the site that distracts your customers from the real intent of what you do

2. Web hosting is about availability and performance:

Web hosting options are more varied than you might expect. If you have only looked for the cheapest-possible hosting in the past, then you may be surprised to learn of all of the variations on hosting. Choosing the right Web hosting provider and package makes the difference in your ability to:
* offer server-side access to the Web tools and protocols that your site needs to run in order to function properly
* provide your site's visitors with high-bandwidth access to the contents of your site
* provide you with sufficient administrator access to the site, including physical access to the server when needed
* offer a full suite of physical security measures to ensure up-time and data security

3. Internet marketing is about driving traffic:

The final of these 4 key elements is Internet marketing, or the ability to drive traffic to your site. Sure, if you have a well-designed site with a great hosting plan but you can't seem to get anybody to visit the site, you will obviously have a problem.

To get traffic to your site, you will need to drive it via paid or unpaid traffic-getting methods, including (but not limited to) blog marketing, article marketing, pay-per-click advertising, e-mail campaigns, and/or traditional media advertising (e.g., newspaper, TV, etc.).

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