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By Sharon Harrison
Published on 03/7/2018
The simplest and fastest way to start an online business is to use PLR. If this is your first time making money online, there is so much to learn from selling and marketing the products you get from PLR Monthly, this is why Dan and Dave have provided you with such an informative member’s area, packed full of tutorials to help you succeed. PLR Monthly is not just another PLR website, it is an opportunity to start your own business and succeed.

Seven Free Ways to Build Traffic For Your Website
We all want to have more traffic for our websites and there are many ways to accomplish that. Some come at a high cost, while others are available for little or no cost. If you have some funds available, you can use them to speed up your growth, but if you don’t have any spare money, there are ways to get free traffic to your website. As the saying goes, “the best things in life are free,” so let’s look at some free ways to entice visitors to your site.

1. Email: You have an email account, right?
You send out emails to lots of people every day, right? Let's use that every day activity to generate some traffic. If you’re like me, you probably send anywhere from 5 to 20 or more emails a day. Change your signature line to include a free offer for those who visit your website or sign up for your newsletter (ezine).

2. Forums: If you visit forums, you can add your free offer to your signature line
. When you ask a question or post a comment, your free offer is right there for everyone to see....and click!

3. Blogging: Do you have a blog? If not
, you can start one for free at Once you have a blog going, add a form for readers to sign up for your list. Offer a free product in exchange for their information. You can also have them go to your website to “collect” their free gift.

4. Twitter: Start following tweeters and replying to their tweets. Make sure your replies are relevant and intelligent. Once you've been doing this for a while, you'll get followers too. When you have established followers who are loyal to you on Twitter, send out a tweet asking people to sign up for your mailing list.

5. Linked In: Linked In allows you to include both your title and website address link for your contacts to click. Use your title, Webmaster of your website, and the website link to entice your contacts to your site. Make regular changes to your profile so that your contacts are notified that you have changed something and are drawn to your Linked In page to view the change. Once there, they have another opportunity to become intrigued by your website.

6. Facebook: Facebook allows you to join groups
, invite other Internet and Network Marketers to be your friend, and create your own groups. Establish yourself as a leader and valuable contributor and to the Facebook community. As Facebook users start to see you in this light, they will want to listen to your recommendations. Just be careful, because Facebook is basically a social network and has a low tolerance for aggressive marketing.

7. Joining PLR Monthly is an opportunity not to be missed. Expand your business, expand your earnings with very little effort as PLR Monthly do it all for you. What you put in is nothing compared to what you get out of PLR Monthly. This is one member’s websites I will be subscribing to for a long, long time!

There are many more ways to increase traffic to your site, but my hope is that these free methods will get you started on the way to making a living on the internet. My goal is for you to benefit from the hours of research and trial and error that I've done. Here's to your quick and bountiful success!
I will say no more! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Your Online Success is only a click away.We all want to have more traffic for our websites and there are many ways to accomplish that Some come at a high cost, while others are available for little or no cost