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Making a go of an Internet business is a mixed bag. Despite what popular business books released over the past few years would have you believe, very few folks are making 6 figures online by only working 4 hours per week! Granted, there are a handful of folks out there who are truly "living the life." These guys and gals are sitting on the beach somewhere, periodically taking a break from their sun tanning to sip a cold margarita as they watch the cash flow in via their online sales dashboard.

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But, even those folks did not start out working just a few hours a week. Rather, it is a sure thing that they put in some serious time over a period of many months or years before they got to that point. Not only did they work very hard, but the truly successful online marketers have learned how to tap into the success factors that can turn one hour of actual work into 100+ hours of benefit. Does your Web site marketing Internet business need a boost in order to increase sales? Here are 5 success factors you should be implementing right now:

1. Make sure you have chosen the right niches:

Not all niches are created equal. Be sure to do your research before committing your efforts to promoting a particular niche. Think about it this way: would you rather be getting paid an average of $0.10 per website visitor or $10.00? It's a no brainer. Get yourself access to tools that can tell you which niches are going to perform.

2. Approach every online effort you try into two phases: test and at full blast:

You need to learn to strike the right balance between testing and going at full blast. When you are testing a niche, remember that you need to put in some significant effort in terms of content creation and strategy. But then, let it sit for a while. If it turns out to be a dud, move on to another niche. If it seems to hold promise, turn up the volume. Just don't make the mistake of putting too little effort into testing; otherwise, you'll never know what works, what doesn't.

3. Master the art of keyword selection:

It cannot be over-emphasized: good keyword research is the cornerstone to online success. Keyword research is your guide to which keywords are hot, which have a lot of competition, and which don't.

4. Dominate with your content distribution:

You need to find ways of mass-distributing your content to not just one, but multiple sites at once. Whether it be articles, videos, or blogs, make sure to dominate the field when it comes to getting that content distributed to hundreds of sites at once.

5. Test, measure, adjust and do again:

We conclude with another one of the most important success factors, which is testing and adjusting your efforts accordingly. The cycle you should follow is: test, measure, adjust, and do again (repeat). Everything you do online should be tested and adjusted. You will almost never get it perfectly right the first time - there are too many variables that come into play.

Master These 5 Success Factors For Your Web Site Internet Marketing Business.

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