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Get Increased Online Traffic Through Smart Content Distribution 5 Secrets Content is the single reason that people are online today. The World Wide Web would have no reason for being if there were no content to push across the Web from one user to another.

Online content can take many forms - too many to mention here - but include the obvious ones like articles, white papers, HTML text, charts, tables, graphs, streaming video, music, chat, and many more.

Much of this content is searchable, either via the large search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing or within the search function on a given website.

For people who want to get more traffic to their website, the ability to get more eyeballs on the content they create is essential for driving online success.

If you are looking to get increased online traffic to your site, you need to be smart about your content distribution. Here are 5 secrets to get you going on the right track:

1. Understand that content is what the Internet experience is all about:

We humans of the Internet era have a voracious appetite for online content. Web and mobile app usage is taking up proportionately more of our collective time than it used to, while time spent consuming traditional media like radio, TV and magazines has decreased. There will always be a demand for good online content.

2. It is no longer about gaming the system:

In the old days (circa the mid-to-late 1990s), if you wanted more traffic to your website you could just pull a few simple tricks like adding more keywords to your site. However, the search engines got wise to this form of "gaming the system." Nowadays, search engines prefer to serve up content that is unique and useful - not just content that is stuffed with 1,000 instances of the same keyword.

3. There is no effective substitute for really good content in getting lots of visitor traffic to your site:

There are two attributes of good online content: a. it is well-written, thoughtful and insightful (in other words, it benefits the user); b. it contains keywords and content that are in alignment with what people are searching for.

4. You need to not only create good on-site content, but good off-site content, as well:

In addition to the content you create for posting on your website, you need to build content that can be hosted at other, external sites ("off-site"). Examples of these are articles, blogs, lenses, and other sites that accept your content and host it for free.

5. Find ways to submit your content to multiple sites at once:

Fortunately, as long as your same author name is attached to a given piece of original content that you wrote yourself, you can submit it to multiple sites without fear of this "duplication" hurting your rankings. In fact, the same content may be repurposed hundreds of times on different sites. Imagine the power of having one hundred backlinks to your site from the same content you only had to write once - rather than just having one backlink. Way more powerful! So, find ways to submit the same piece of original content you created to multiple sites at once. It is like getting a hundred times more work done for the same amount of effort. Consider and implement these six secrets for getting increased online traffic to your site.

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