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By Lester Voit
Published on 07/1/2017
Frequently Asked Questions FOR ADVERTISERS

  • Why are your hits so affordable?
We streamline everything that we do to minimize any extra expense and pass the savings along to you. Our members prefer to have more links available to click on, so we try to accommodate that need by offering low advertising rates.

  • How many hits will I receive and how long will it stay on the website?
You will receive many hits. At minimum, you will receive the amount of your purchase, currently $10.00 per thousand hits. Your link will stay on our website as long as possible. We hope to be open forever! ###

  • What countries will my visitors come from?
Unless you order our Target-By-Country feature, your visitors will come from all over the world. Depending upon your advertising needs, you may wish to order the Target-By-Country feature to receive better results from your traffic

  • Where do I specify the countries I wish to target
If purchased, Target-By-Country can be setup via the Link Details area.
This information is sent to you after your order and payment have been received. After you setup your targeted countries and enter a confirmation key, we will add your link to our website. ####

  • How does the Auto-Renew Order feature work?
Many users like to setup a budget where they receive X amount of visitors every X amount of days. If this is the case, you may specify the interval amount at the time of purchase, and we will automatically re-bill you and refill your hits at those intervals.

  • Can I change my website text and URL?
You Need To Have This FREE Amazing Plan!”Only if your order has not yet been setup and no visitors have been received. After your hits begin, no changes can be made.

  • Do I have to register with your site to become an advertiser?
No, advertisers can enter their website details and go straight to payment, without registering an account. However, if you wish to click links and earn money, please feel free to join as a free member.
  • Why is it taking so long for my link to added after I have sent payment? 
We have staff members available very frequently to setup link orders. If it is not added within a few hours, please open a support ticket so that we may investigate. Please remember all link orders must be confirmed by entering a 5-digit key before our staff members even review it. This 5-digit key and instructions are emailed to the address on your Paypal account instantly after your payment is sent. If you have already confirmed your order and it still is not setup within a few hours, please contact us via our online support area. Include the Item # found on your Paypal receipt in your contact message.
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Link Building and Its Importance For Getting Higher Rankings

 Link building, also known as link popularity, is your trump card for getting higher rankings, especially in Google search results. Initially, all search engines considered link popularity as an important attribute that should be there for higher rankings. However, as the competition increased, other search engines differentiated their algorithms from those of Google. Bing, which is currently another highly popular and used search engine, does not weigh the amount of incoming links to a website. Bing rather ranks websites based on their content and other factors. Google, however, still keeps its old algorithm when it comes to link popularity.

Despite of the numerous changes Google has made to its algorithm, link popularity still remains an important element for websites to get higher rankings in Google searches. You can’t deny the fact that Google is the king of all search engines and with that in mind, you need to give Google’s rules the first priority.

You Need To Have This FREE Amazing Plan!” What exactly is link building?  There are two types of links for any website; incoming links and outgoing links. Outgoing links are the ones present on your web page which when clicked, redirect users to another site. Incoming links are simply the opposite thing. An outgoing link for your website is actually an incoming link for the referred website.

Why is it important?  We all know how important traffic is to profitability. The higher is your traffic, the more profitable your website is. Now, link building is the process of leaving your links on some well known websites to drive their traffic to your site. The more links you have, the more visitors you will get. Another major benefit of link building is that you can drive targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic is more profitable than untargeted. If readers are truly interested in your content, they won’t skim through the pages. For Google, the time readers are spending on your web pages is an important factor to rank the website higher. Moreover, link building also is a great way of creating loyal readers which indeed is beneficial for the website’s ranking.

What type of incoming links should one have?  Over the years, many strategies and tools have come up for building incoming links. There are tools that can submit your links to thousands of directories in a day. But such tools are not of any use as they usually submit to directories which are irrelevant to your niche. The sole strategy should be of manually submitting links to relevant directories and websites to get GOOD QUALITY incoming links. Every website needs readers that can be converted into customers and that is only possible if the website gets quality and targeted traffic through incoming links.

What role does social media websites play in building link popularity?  Let’s admit that social media websites are great for building link popularity. In the last two years, the World Wide Web has seen a huge boom in the usage of social media websites. There was a time when web masters had to wait for permission from other websites to put their link on it. Thanks to social media websites, that time is now saved. Today, social media websites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, and the like, allow you to instantly present a link to the users and immediately create an incoming link for your website. “Struggling with affiliate marketing? Amazing! Just Point And Click Your Way To Affiliate Commissions With A Proven Plan! If You Expect Amazing Results From Affiliate Marketing… "You Need To Have This FREE Amazing Plan!”