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Powerful System to Build Your Own Website
David Caningtons
Quickly and easily build your own photography website with Websites for Photographers 
By David Caningtons
Published on 01/10/2016
Websites For Photographers is a service designed to make it simple for users to create a professional website easily and cost effectively. The system offers full design functionality and an easy to use content management interface allowing the addition of image galleries, client galleries to sell images online, slideshows and much more. Although designed mainly with photographers in mind, it can easily be adapted to create websites for artists, models or for any personal or business website whether or not image galleries are required.

A free, no obligation trial is offered to test out the system to see how it fits with your requirements. The service was launched in November 2009 and was developed to complement Our Wedding Memories the UK’s longest established wedding photographers directory. Online since 2001 promoting the wedding photography services for thousands of photographers throughout the UK, Our Wedding Memories were well placed to develop such a system following much feedback regarding what a photographer wanted from their websites. The main criteria required by photographers was having the ability to update a website easily when required and create image galleries as a portfolio and for events covered...
Websites For Photographers.

Websites For Photographers.
Ecommerce is an integral part of the system and it is very simple to set shopping cart parameters to sell event images online with payment taken via PayPal. To set up the shopping cart system, a photographer simply needs to set prices for individual image sizes and add their paypal id. Then a client gallery can be uploaded, check a box to activate the shopping cart and select the prices to be active on that gallery as set previously. Visitors can then purchase images as required.

The system allows such functionality as well as the ability to completely change the look of the website in just a few clicks of the mouse. Other functionality is also offered and options for improving the look of the website. Image slideshows can be created on any content page from any gallery previously uploaded to the system. Flash galleries can also be added either by embedding code from YouTube, Vimeo or other similar online service or by uploading a .swf file created offline.

Creating Flash .swf slideshows is now a very simple process with many programs available on the internet where you can create these slideshows on the fly. Many of these programs offer a free trial version so you can see what is on offer and test the output on your Websites For Photographers site. With most you simply select a template frame for displaying the images within, add the required images and select the transitions effects between images. To simplify the process transition effects can be set to the same throughout the slideshow or can automatically be set to random.

Once the images are added the file can then be exported to Flash .swf format ready to be uploaded to your website. The best way to assess the service is to try it out for yourself. As mentioned, there is a free trial of the system available with no obligation. Website hosting costs are more than competitive and are only required once completely happy with your new website. Take a look to see what Website For Photographers can offer you.
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