Best Way for starting an online business for newbies in to become part of an online community called: Wealthy Affiliate. Plain and simple. Most people start by hardly knowing anything about selling on the internet. (Myself included.) They ask themselves: What should I sell?, Should I start with a store front? They research on the internet and come across all sorts of terms they don't understand (squidoo, lens, adwords, cloaking, CPC) They ask themselves What's it all about?

Trying to start a business online can be a lonely business. It is easy to get confused and frustrated. This is why many people give up. This is why it is so important to have a supportive group to work with.When you buy Wealthy Affiliate you become part of the online business community with all the other members of Wealthy Affiliate. There are forums for sharing, you have your own member space to share about yourself and you instantly have many buddies, fellow members who become your buddies.

Having a business on the internet is hard work. You do have to learn the language of internet marketing and business creation. Not only do you have to learn the language but you have to be a little technical (set sites up, get domains, write etc.) but you are not alone.

Many quick rich schemes out there try to make you think you just buy the product and voila money will magically come to you. Some of these products for sale may give you part of the picture. They may be ok in themselves but they are expensive and don't give you the whole picture. To create an internet business you need to understand the whole or big picture as well as learn and implement the details which make up the goods and services of your business. Wealthy Afiliate provides you with the details and the big picture.

You have to be willing to put your time and energy into your business. But as you are learning, you are also beginning to create your business and as you create each new aspect of your business (ie. create a new domain, set up a lens etc.) you never know when that first sale may take place. You are also in the process of building and developing your business.

I made a few attempts at starting an online business then stopped. I couldn't seem to find the right resources that I needed. I fell for these marketers just wanting to get your money and not really caring if they gave you a good product. I am lucky to say I now have come across a good product and resource, actually an excellent product. I am happy and thankful that I purchased Wealthy Affiliate. It has made all the difference.

What do I like most about WA? Everything you need is in one location and more than that. You are in a supportive community where there is always someone to provide you with the answer to your questions. Since I joined WA I feel like I've arrived at my office and I'm hanging up my hat. I know when I log on, I am joining a community of people who are trying to achieve the same goals as me - learning and developing their expertise about selling on the internet and develop their businesses.

I know there are many affiliates within the community doing very well.. The community is unique with beginners to experts in the field. The resources are incredible. There are all kinds of guides, videos, and programs to use to help you on your way. There are forums for sharing and fellow enterpreneur buddies. I do believe this is the best way to start an internet business. It is a resource hub and a community. I have not been able to find anything better! I can only say if you are serious about developing a profitable online business buy Wealthy Affiliate. I think you will be very happy! Good luck with your online business!! no matter which product your site visitors buy, YOU get paid!

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