Website promotion in order to get high search engine listings, and directory links are one of the best ways of doing that. By listing your website in a link directory or submitting articles to an article directory you achieve two things:

a) If your website is relatively new, you get the benefit of rapid search engine visits and consequent indexing and listings. Without website promotion, or some means of letting Google, for example, know that your website exists, you may wait a long time before it indexes your web pages. However, because an article or link directory is visited frequently by search engines, directory links will lead them straight to your web pages.

b) Unless the link directory or article directory uses the 'nofollow' attribute you will get a share of the Google PageRank of the web page on which your website or article is published. Some directories use the 'nofollow' attribute that prevents you getting that PR share, so avoid these if you can, although many offer the straight link for a fee. That is generally worth paying for.

Another reason for website promotion using directory links from a website or an article directory is that visitors to such directories will click on your link. In the case of a link directory, the link will be the website listing itself, and for an article, the link is contained in a section known as the 'author's resource', generally found at the end of the article.

Writing articles is a particularly useful way of website promotion because you use anchor text for your links, regarded by Google as offering a better way of optimizing the article than just a straight URL. The anchor text should relate either to the theme of the article or of the web page you are promoting.

While website directories generally publish the URL of your domain, an article can be published in an article directory with the URL of any page in your website you want to promote. It is deep links such as these that can make a real difference to the prominence of your website on search engine listings.

How do you promote your website with directory links? What are the mechanics? The procedure is really quite simple, and we shall discuss it here, first with link directories and then with article directories.

Website Promotion using Link Directories

When you register with a link directory, you will be asked to generate a user name and password. That will then generally be followed up with an email containing a confirmation link that you must click to confirm your registration. That is to prevent spambots from creating mass registrations with the directory.

Then you will be directed to the login page where you use the details you have provided to log in. You can then enter the details of your website. Each is different, and you may be asked for the website name or title, the URL and a description of what the site is about. That will be published with the site listing. Some might ask you for keywords that will enable your website to appear when people use these keywords in their search.

You then get a link from the directory to your website. That will help improve your PageRank and, additionally, Google and the other search engines will follow that link next time they visit the directory and your site will be spidered. Also, real people might read your description and decide to check out your site, so link directories can also generate traffic. Your description should be designed to impress the reader.

Website Promotion using Article Directories

An article directory is somewhat different. Here, you must first write an article that relates to the theme of your niche or website. You will generally use the same procedure to join an article directory, though may not have to give details of your website.

You then enter your article into the boxes provided: generally a box for the title, one for the article body and one for the resource. The latter two may be combined in some directories. You will also have a box for a summary of the article that will appear in the article directory, and perhaps a list of keywords will be requested.

There are many benefits of article marketing as it is called - far too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say that it is a very powerful method of promoting your website. You receive traffic through people reading the article and then clicking on your link to learn more, from improved Google PageRank and also from others copying your article, complete with resource, to use as content on their own websites.
All in all, when carrying out your website promotion using directory links, you are using one of the most powerful and least expensive techniques available to you, and few are ever disappointed with the results. It takes little work, and although some directories offer free listings, others make a small charge which is well worth the expenditure for the return you get in website promotion.